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Tiffin center billing machine

Tiffin service software helps you to manage billing, customers, loyalty, accounts and increase sales while reduces wastage.

Tiffin service software

Breakfast joints or commonly known as ‘Tiffin Centres’ in India is very unique in its operational time and service. Customers start coming even before the sun rises and rush to their respective workplace immediately after they finish gobbling. Food preparations have to be freshly and quickly made while ensuring customers need not require to wait for long. This operational challenge will be simplified with Just Billing tiffin center pos system.

Quick billing & KOT generation

Make your service faster and as per order queue, by auto-generating Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) or order token without any extra effort with tiffin service software.

Accept various payment modes

Cash, card or mobile wallet – take payment from your customers in whichever they are comfortable. Tiffin center pos software separately maintains a report on payment mode for reconciliation.

In your own language

This Tiffin center billing machine can be available in the local language you speak, making it more user-friendly for the shopkeepers.

Reduce maintenance cost

Tiffin center pos system generated reports on operational expenses and food production cost, helps the owner to decide where and how to streamline expenses.

Tiffin center billing machine

No internet, no challenge

Tiffin service software is fully functional without internet too. That’s why interrupted net connection won’t be a challenge to run your business with this Tiffin center billing machine.

No-effort accounting

Profit & loss ledger, balance sheet – everything is tiffin center pos software generated, eliminating the hassle of accounting and book keeping.

Handle your suppliers

Maintain B2B supplier details, order and purchase record systematically, so that advance or due payment calculation becomes simpler with tiffin service software.

Categorize your menu

If you plan to extend your business to make the provision for lunch or evening meals, categorize the menu and sales-type from this same tiffin center pos software at no extra cost.

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