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Sweet Shop Billing Software

for confectionery and sweet shop

Profit growth will be sweeter by using confectionery and sweet shop billing software.

sweet shop billing software

Festivals and celebrations are incomplete without sweet. Event order, bulk preparations, advance or due payment, customer satisfaction are common challenges that confectionery shops face the most. Besides, daily operational problems include perishability of milk products if the sale is less, less coordination between central kitchen and stores, bookkeeping etc. Just Billing sweet shop billing software can solve all these difficulties in a jiffy. Sweet shop management software enables you efficiently managing your customers and optimum inventory during any festive seasons.
This particular business requires two different types of inventory – highly perishable like milk products and long shelf life like sugar, dryfruits and other ingredients. Both can be a cause of your loss if not taken care properly. If sale doesn’t take happens, perishable products would be wasted. On the other side, if non-perishable products are kept in store for longer duration, it’s a waste of space management. Thus, it’s very important to plan your inventory and raw material usage. Here we have jotted down 6 ways to grow your sweet shop business using sweet shop billing software.

Event order

Generate quotation for bulk orders, give discounts, note customization. Run loyalty program making customers satisfied to ensure revisit using the sweet shop billing software.

Central kitchen coordination

Just Billing sweet shop billing software ensures real-time connectivity among stores and central kitchen. So that, production can take place based on order and customer demand on the sweet pos.

Delivery at doorstep

Deliver order at customer’s doorstep, check the status of payment and settle the bill immediately if it’s on COD, or due. That’s the advantage of sweet shop management software.

Effective inventory management

Based on the reports on daily sales trend and customer demand, plan your inventory accordingly using the sweet shop software. It would help to meet demand vs supply ratio and would reduce wastage.

sweet shop billing software

Payment reconciliation

This sweet shop billing software will help traders to keep a track of payment modes and status. The sweet pos will reconcile all payment modes and will notify user whether payment is due or not.

Multi-location, single head office

All stores will be connected to single cloud head office portal, from where branch wise business can be monitored on the sweet shop management software. Grow business without worries.

Recipe management

Maintain the quality of each product by defining ingredients ratio in the central kitchen. Sweet shop software also helps to calculate raw material usage in production.

Language of your choice

Sweet shop software has language settings which can be configured as per the language you speak or the person at billing desk is comfortable with.

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sweet shop management software

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