Continental Restaurant Software

Continental restaurant software helps to manage modern multi-cuisine billing, KOT, customers, inventory and increase customer loyalty.

Continental Restaurant Software

Continental food represents the delicacies served in European countries. Globalization made the Mediterranean and French food equally popular in Asian countries too. Suppliers, cold chain, and liquor sourcing are the main challenges continental cafes in Asia face the most. Profitability bleeds through high operational cost. If you run a continental restaurant, make the entire situation in business favorable condition simply by opting for Just Billing continental restaurant software.

Kitchen made easy

Just Billing generates inventory reports on top selling products, safety stock level etc based on daily sales, helping traders to ensure stock is up to date and as per requirement.

Achieve maximum sale

Maximize the sales possibility through all potential options like dine-in, take away, online order, 3rd party delivery etc from a single interface of Just Billing continental restaurant software.

Imported products and charges

Just Billing POS helps to maintain a record of your imported products & liquors, product suppliers, rates and taxes systematically in the system, along with the status of advance or due payment to suppliers.

Happy hours sale

Get more customers with happy hours sale as per your business policy. Just Billing can maintain different price catalogs of same products.

Continental Restaurant Software

Reduce wastage

When production rate is well defined by bill of materials and usage rate, overstocking wastage gets reduced. User can plan to store the perishable raw material accordingly as per sales volume.

Electronic payment options

Cash, card or wallet – let it be customer’s choice to pay you via any of the options. Just Billing continental restaurant software maintains a separate record for each type of transactions for bank reconciliation.

Accounting and tax regulation

Just Billing helps you to generate tax invoices as per your country’s tax policy and maintains the records of expenses. Application auto-generates balance sheets.

Authorized access

Access of every user can be governed and restricted by an admin user. This makes business data more safe and secure with Just Billing.

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