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Juice bar pos software

Nobody can deny the temptation of having a glass of fresh juice of their choice. Juice bars in the office cafeteria, roadside or extended part of a restaurant gets customers based on their juice quality and reputation. On the other side of the equation, a juice shop owner always deal with low shelf life products like fruits, milk and creams. If the sale is less, product Perishability causes indirect cost and immediate loss. Just Billing thought about it, and came up with the complete solution

Reduce wastage problem

Just Billing keeps a report on sales trends and customer demand, helping traders to plan their inventory accordingly. This reduces the chances of perishable raw material wastage.

Customized order

For a tasty soft beverage, customers are particular about toppings, flavours and fruit combinations. Take note of each customised combination while taking orders.

Multi-location business

Run business in multiple locations or make franchises of your juice bar, because operating all outlets from single head office is promisingly possible with this juice bar POS software.

Choice of payment options

Just Billing is integrated with several payment options, allowing customers to choose the payment modes they are comfortable to pay through.

juice bar pos software

Consistent relation with customer

While billing, system captures customer’s name and contact details. Which ultimately runs customer loyalty program and enables the user to send promotional SMS or email.

Record expense details

This juice bar POS software also helps to record each operating expenses under predefined ledgers. At any given point, the shop owner can observe where, how much and why expenses occurred.

Online or offline

Just Billing performs even without internet, enabling the business to run efficiently and to generate invoices without any hiccups of troublesome internet connectivity.

No accountant’s intervention

Just Billing Juice bar POS Software brings the perfect accounting module that requires zero finance knowledge and gives you the ready-made balance sheet with zero human error.

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