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Inflight Retail

Transform flight to a retail hub

Inflight Retail solutions for
Sales, Billing, Inventory
Automation, Reconciliation and Aggregation

We understand the tiresome manual effort for inventory allocation (duty free/food & beverages), inflight sales and payments reconciliation during flight departure and arrival. With specialized inflight retail management solutions save up-to 20 man-minutes per flight and operation cost.
Using Just Billing inflight POS system seamlessly flight attendants can sale duty free products, food & beverages on the flight and provide printed or automated digital invoice to passengers even without internet. Payments can be collected by cash using any currency or offline credit card processing.
Whereas using the cloud based inflight retail management back office, inventory can be allocated to a flight trolley at the departure and reconcile payment collections and balance stock on arrival automatically. No paperwork and manual reconciliation would be needed any more.

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End-to-end integrated inflight retail solutions

Warehouse & trolley management
Inflight retail management
Corporate head office
Integration with airline system

All-in-one inflight pos system to

Save time during arrival and departure
Increase inflight sales with offers & promotions
Know real-time inventory anytime
Enhance service quality
Increase supply chain efficiency
Reduce human errors and exceptions
Reconciliation at fingertips
Enhance business branding

How inflight retail management works

Airline head office

Airport warehouse


  • Flight schedule master
  • Product master
  • Pricing master
  • Promotion/offer master
  • Country specific quota/limit
  • Trolley packing list master
  • Currency rate master
  • Assign trolleys for a flight
  • Assign pickup warehouse/rack for products
  • Identify trolleys based on unique codes
  • Load products on trolley
  • Lock trolleys warehouse sign-off
  • Transfer trolleys to aircraft
  • Authorized crew user to prepare for departure
  • Trolley information received
  • Inventory information received
  • Products, pricing, offers, currency rate etc. received
  • Passenger details received
  • Validation & confirmation for departure readiness
inflight retail management
  • Select customer based on the seat no, PNR or name
  • Scan copy of Passport & Boarding Pass
  • Scan to add products in billing cart
  • Collect multi-currency payment
  • Run loyalty program
  • Print invoice or send digitally
  • Serve pre-orders
  • Take orders for pickup at airport or delivery
  • Upload information to Airline ERP system
  • Management Information System
  • Strategic decision
  • Automated report for trolley stock balance
  • Automated report for inflight sales and collection
  • Reconciliation and verification of sales, inventory
  • Raise dispute request, if any
  • Unload trolleys
  • Reconciliation of trolley inventory
  • Reconciliation of payment collections
  • Lock trolley and cash bag
  • Sign-off by authorized crew user

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