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Multi Chain distribution management software

We understand that just an order taking software or just an ERP software is not most efficient in today’s technology world. That’s why Just Billing Multi Location Distribution Management Software has been designed to provide end-to-end, real-time, end-point connected information to optimize operations enabling you to take the right decision at the right time.

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Benefits of 

distributor software & supply chain management

Increase supply chain efficiency
Know your supply vs demand
Increase revenue with field sales
Reach customers directly with e-comm consumer App
Centralized customer database & loyalty
Manage policies, rules & compliance centrally
Attract new distributors & measure performance
Multi-level aggregation at fingertips

All-in-one integrated

distributor and consumer management

Franchise retail point of sale
Field sales Agent App
E-Commerce Online Ordering
Head office & warehouse

distribution software for distributor business

Omnichannel Sales
Efficiently manage orders from multiple channels - in-store, online, and marketplaces. Track order status for each channel easily.
VAT/GST billing
Generate VAT/GST invoices effortlessly and send to customers via SMS, email, and WhatsApp using pre-configured templates.
Digital Payments
Let customers choose their preferred payment method: cash, cards, digital wallets, vouchers, loyalty points, or any combination.
Manage vendors
Manage suppliers and product costing efficiently. Create and track purchase orders, and automate inventory receiving through GRN.
Distributor Software
Offers & Discounts
Gain insights into your customers' preferences to offer them special deals, coupons, or gift vouchers and boost sales and customer footfall.
Optimize Inventory
Stay informed about your current stock at any given time. Minimize losses due to wastage, overstocking, pilferage, or misuse.
Manage Expenses
Effortlessly maintain records of all business expenses with just a few touches, helping you evaluate where to allocate funds effectively.
Reports & Growth
Access accurate reports on sales, customers, products, expenses, and more to track your growth curve effectively.
POS Software
android pos kitchenware

Distributor business
Field sales agent app

Assign targets & schedules for field executives
Assign tasks, customers and route
Executives can view and manage tasks & schedules
Executives can take orders on field
Collect payments & generate receipts immediately
Generate tax invoice with few touches
Send invoice to customer via WhatsApp, email or SMS
Check & track available inventory at the warehouse
Track travel and activities
Track attendance

distribution software E-commerce
online ordering

distribution ecom
  1. Support for both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) customers.
  2. Fast multi-dimensional product search.
  3. Multiple filters and ordering criteria.
  4. Decimal quantity acceptance for products, if allowed.
  5. Add to cart directly from home page or search results.
  6. Ability to define multiple pricing rules.
  7. Customize offers and discounts.
  8. Manage loyalty program.
  9. Facility to add products to wishlist.
  10. Customize according to your brand, theme, terms etc.
  11. Customer authentication and security using OTP.
  12. Centralized inventory, customer database, sales and revenue aggregation at head office.
  13. Analyze and compare orders, revenue, profitability from E-commerce and from physical stores.

Automatic aggregation at

Head office & real-time visibility
of supply chain management

Cloud based web application with real-time consolidated information from across the distribution channel
distribution management software
distributor software

Distribution Software 
Back Office Modules

Enhance sales efficiency, track payments, and analyze customer buying patterns to gain insights into seasonal trends.
Streamline procurement processes, reduces errors, and provides real-time insights for data-driven decisions and enhances supplier relationships.
Monitor stock levels, reduce overstock and stock-out situations, optimize inventory holding costs, auto requisition, and data-driven insights.
Maintain taxes and generate financial reports automatically, reducing human errors associated with manual accounting entries.

Hassle free

Distribution management software

Online & offline
Operate seamlessly in offline mode when the internet connection is lost. Each device functions independently, and automatic data streaming resumes in the background once the connection is restored. You also have the flexibility to disable offline functionality if it is not needed for your business.
Highly scalable
Whether you have a single location or hundreds, Just Billing is highly scalable. You don't need to invest in a head office server, hardware, or infrastructure. This not only saves costs and capital investment but also the effort, resources, and expertise required to configure and manage multiple locations.
Highly secure
Your data is securely stored in our data centers, powered by the world's top cloud service provider, Amazon AWS. We adhere to international standards, compliances, and governance, including PCI, ISO, and SOC. Additionally, all communication with our cloud head office is encrypted using the HTTPS protocol.
No Maintenance
No maintenance is required for the Cloud ERP software, your data, or servers. Stay up to date with the latest version of Just Billing POS software through automatic upgrades. Your data is automatically backed up daily on our cloud servers. Setting up a new device or a new store with your data takes just a few minutes.

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Distributor Software

Let’s connect to demonstrate you the capabilities of Just Billing Distribution Management Software and how it can help your distributor business / franchisee business to grow.