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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in transparency and happy to answer any of your query related to billing and ERP software. Feel free to ask.


How many number of products does the Billing App support?

We have not imposed any limit on the number of products on mobile billing app for any subscription level, and you can manage your large number of inventory items. However, we recommend up to 1000 SKU if you are not planning to use Barcode Scanner.

Can I add images for my products in the Billing App?

Yes, you can attach JPEG image to each of your product. Moreover, you can import all your product images from the integrated import utility.

In the billing screen, can I search customer data based on phone number as well?

Yes, you can search for a customer either with customer name or phone number.

Is it possible to enter a amount and the application will calculate the quantity?

This feature is on our product plan and would be available soon in the future release. We can expedite this feature based on your request.

Is the application having feature to capture customer order in advance?

Yes, absolutely. We do have option to capture customer order in advance including the customer details and delivery date.

Does the application having customer loyalty management?

Yes, we do have end-to-end customer loyalty program integrated with the app. You can run earn and redeem loyalty program as well as manage customer digital wallet.

Is it possible to apply promotional coupon code during billing?

Absolutely, you can send promotional coupons to your customers and apply the same at the time of billing.

Can the application maintain item expiry?

Maintaining item expiry is not a part of our vanilla product. However, it can be achieved through customization if needed.

Can I send invoice through Email or SMS from the Billing App?

Yes, this is a unique feature we provide to send invoice through Email or SMS along with optional printing.

Does the application having Home Delivery feature?

Yes absolutely. We do have the home delivery feature in our Billing App with the option to capture customer details, address, area and delivery date. Moreover it is designed to register the dispatch time, tracks your delivery staff, vehicle and analyzes time it takes to deliver to the client. System also trace the amount receivables and disputes if any. Just Billing groups multiple orders based on the area in a single dispatch for effective utilization of resources.

Does the application having production module for restaurant?

Yes, we do have the production module to maintain the recipes for the finished items. It has been implemented in such a way that whenever you do a production, stock is automatically deducted from the raw materials.

Can we maintain data from multiple stores in the back office?

Definitely. All the stores will be connected with the central back office and this will give you consolidated data from all your stores and help you to take better business decisions on real-time.

Can I manage multiple price catalogs for multiple stores in the app?

Yes, you can manage multiple price catalogs for you multiple stores.

Can we maintain purchase of items, suppliers and the payments?

Yes, we do have purchase management module in the back office (Just Billing Professional) which will help to take care of all your purchase and payment related transactions.

Is there an option to download financial statements to use for tax purpose?

Absolutely, Accounting application comes along with the Just Billing Professional version. Your tax and financial reports would be prepared based on your sales, purchase and expense transactions automatically at the back office portal.

Setup / Configuration

What are the system requirements for Just Billing?

Just Billing Windows –
Processor – Intel Pentium IV or above and equivalent (32 bit or 64 bit)
RAM – 2 GB or higher
Hard Disk – 40 GB or above (20 GB Free Space)
Monitor Resolution – 1024 x 768 or above
Input Device – Keyboard, Window Compatible Pointing Device / Mouse
Network Card [LAN Card] – PCI Ethernet 100 MBPS LAN Card
Operating System – Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Just Billing Android –
Processor – Dual core or above
RAM – 1 GB or higher
Memory – 4 GB or above (1 GB Free Space)
Resolution – 900 x 600 or above
Operating System – Android 4.4 KitKat or above

Will the Just Billing app work with my existing mobile phone?

Absolutely, Just Billing mobile app will work with any mobile devices if meets the minimum specification as mentioned in the “system requirements”.

Do I need any technical knowledge to use Just Billing App?

Absolutely not. You can use Just Billing App easily if you are familiar with any mobile app such as WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

What do I need to get started with POS Software?

You just need an Android mobile phone or tablet to get started with Just Billing Android version or Windows based PC/laptop and an Internet connection to start with Just Billing Windows version.

How do I add my products or migrate from existing system?

We have made it easier to add your products or to migrate from an existing system –
1. By entering data in the Master data section
2. Bulk upload all your products, customer and inventory data in form of Excel/CSV file
You may also call our support team to make your migrating process hassle free.

How do we insert the data initially to the back office?

We have provided options to import master data through excel using our integrated data import utility.

For data import, do you support only Excel or CSV files as well?

Since most of the people are familiar with excel and use it, we have provided the option to import only through excel.

Can I create products from the app itself without Back Office?

Yes. You have the option to create products from Just Billing application which will be synced with the back office and available there as well.

Do you have any option where I can control the number of invoices that are generated?

Invoice numbers are system generated. However, what we can do is control the invoices that are synced with the back office. The invoices that you don’t want to show, you can delete them either from the App or from the Back Office.

Can I setup for both print and SMS as invoice delivery? Or print and email at the same time?

Yes, absolutely you can use multiple options together from print, SMS, Email or WhatsApp to deliver a bill to your customer.

Can I print KOT separately for different kitchens?

Sure, you can configure for kitchen wise KOT and it will automatically group the items based on the kitchen, to print separately as soon an order is placed.

How many Mobile billing App terminal can I run simultaneously?

You can run as many as Just Billing Mobile terminals simultaneously as per your business needs. In case of multiple mobile terminals all mobile devices would be connected to the central back office cloud server to have real-time monitoring.

I don't want my cashier/counter guy to have access to all the options in the front end. Can it be done?

Absolutely, the system provide two roles by default, Manager and Cashier. While the manager user can view and operate all the feature of the application, Cashier user can only perform limited set of functionality primarily related to billing.

Do I have to sync data with the back office manually?

No, the app automatically synchronize the data with your back office on real-time, if internet is available on the device.


Does the product support bar codes?

Definitely. You can define and print bar code for the products and use them to scan during billing using any standard USB bar code scanner. In case of Mobile version, the camera of your mobile device also can be used to scan bar code during check out.

Does Just Billing App support any printer?

Yes, Just Billing Windows version support any printer which are compatible with Windows operating system and can directly print any documents. However, Just Billing Android version can print only using Bluetooth printers and using Google Cloud Print. In both the cases you must first ensure that the printer is working fine from the operating system itself.

Can your application be used with weighing scale?

Yes, Just Billing Windows version is integrated with weighing scales manufactured by Essae. They are a renowned brand in the market.

Can I integrate Credit Card reader/swiping device with Just Billing App?

Yes, we have integrated with Reliance Jio, Ongo, Mosambee and Paynear Card swapping devices to accept credit/debit card from your customers.

Do you have any integration with payment wallets?

Yes, you can receive payments from your customers in India using various payment wallets such as Reliance Jio, Ongo etc. We are integrating with more and more payment wallets and gateway to provide flexibility to your customers.

Is your product integrated with any ecommerce/market place site?

No, it is not integrated with any eCommerce/market place site yet. However, we are working on it and the feature might be available in future.

Can I send promotional SMS to my customers?

Yes, we do have feature to send promotional SMS to your customers. However, you must comply with the respective government regulations and need to purchase promotional SMS separately from the SMS gateway service provider for your country.

Does the software having integration with Tally?

Integrating with Tally is on our product plan and would be available soon in the future release. We can expedite the integration based on your request.

Infrastructure / Security

Do we need internet all the time when we are using Just Billing?

Internet is not required all the time for Just Billing App on Android or Windows at your store. It operate in offline mode automatically when you lose Internet connection. Each store runs independently even if the internet is down. Automatic data streaming would start again in the back ground as soon as the internet connection is restored.
However, the cloud web applications such as Head Office portal or ERP opens in your web browser and requires internet connection to access the application from anywhere.

What happens if the internet connection is down during billing?

We understand the problems of dependency with internet connectivity at the time of billing. Hence, unlike other cloud based billing system we have designed Just Billing App on Android or Windows, to operate in offline mode automatically when you lose Internet connection. All the transactions including billing at the store runs independently even if the internet is down, and stores the information locally into your device.
Automatic data streaming would start again with the cloud portal as soon as the internet connection is restored.

Whose cloud service are you using?

We are providing cloud service from the Amazon Web Service, which is the top cloud infrastructure service provider in the world and meets all the international standard, compliances and governance.

Is there any limit to how much data it can hold in the back office?

No, unlike other cloud based software we have not imposed any limit to store your business data in the cloud back office or in ERP. However, there is a limit of 10MB per file/attachment can be uploaded into the cloud applications.

Can I use both the Android and the Windows version of Just Billing?

Sure. You can use both Just Billing Android and Windows version. Both will connect to the central back office to give a consolidated view of your data.

Do you also provide the hardware? What is the cost?

Yes we can suggest you Hardware that we already tested with our application and we will be more than happy to share the contact details of the Hardware provider.

How secure is the data on the cloud?

  • Your data security is our responsibility. We are providing cloud service from the Amazon Web Service, which is world’s top cloud service provider and meets all the international standard, compliance and governance.
  • Unlike the other cloud software, EffiaSoft provides customer specific dedicated and secure database for every customer, hence your data is always isolated and no one can forge to see your data.
  • The cloud systems automatically also backup all your data every night. Hence it is even better than on premise system to reduce the risk of loosing data in case of server or hardware failure.
  • More over, all communication with the cloud servers are encrypted and fully secure. Back Office portal also forcefully works only on the secure web protocol HTTPS.

How often can I back up my data?

“PRO” version of the billing system automatically backup all your data every day. However, you can manually backup your data as many times as you want.

What happens to my data if my device is lost/crashed?

If you are using PRO version your data is automatically backed up at our Cloud Server and you can download all your data from your back office portal at any time.
If you are using LITE version you can take all your data backed up from the Invoicing App itself to SD Card, Drobox, Google Drive Etc.
You can restore all your data from the backup into a new device in case of device is lost or crashed.

License / Subscription

Why need to pay every year? Is the one time payment option available?

No, all the versions are yearly subscription based. In fact subscription model always have lower cost of ownership and less capital investment compared to the licensing model. In this model you do not need to bother about software support, maintenance, version upgrade, training materials etc. Moreover, we provide, maintain and take care of your server and infrastructure so that you do not need any in-house resource and investment for the same. Everything are inclusive within the single subscription fees.

What are the AMC terms with the product?

There no AMC charges as the product works on subscription pricing model, which covers all the below items within the subscription price
1. Software subscription
2. Cloud Server infrastructure which includes cloud hardware and third party software such as database, operating system etc.
3. Maintenance of software
4. Maintenance of cloud back office
5. Support of the software and cloud back office
6. Free upgrade of software
Also, please feel free to refer the subscription terms as available at Subscription Agreement

As the basic business process will be the same, what kind of upgrades do you provide in the SaaS model?

Software development is a continuous improvement process. Whenever there are any new features are implemented based on other users feedback and as per our product enhancement process on the application/back office, the same would be available to you. We don’t charge extra for such version updates.

We will need the licenses as & when a new outlet opens. Do the conditions vary if we buy accordingly?

Surely, you can get a new subscription whenever a new outlet opens and each subscription gets activated from the date of installation. All the terms and conditions would remain same as the other previous subscriptions. On or before expiry of a subscription (one year from the date of installation) you need to renew the subscription and the process is automated.

What is the duration of the free version? Can I try Professional version before buy?

We understand how important of trying it out before buying the product, so we provide 15 days of free trail with full functionality. You can download Just Billing App in any of your mobile or table or computer and play around to understand the flexible features.

Which version of Just Billing is most suitable for multi-location store?

Just Billing Professional works with multiple locations and it makes it easy to manage your customer information, inventory and accounts from across all the stores from anywhere on real-time using the back office web portal.

Is the product customizable?

Let’s take it this way. We don’t charge for any customization and we don’t promise that it will be provided. Whatever we receive a request for new feature, the same is analyzed by our product management team. If it is found to be helpful for most of our customers, then we include the feature into our development pipeline. The same would be released as per our priority and release plan.

What happens to my data if I end subscription?

Please contact our support team before you wishes to end your subscription however can download the master data into Excel/CSV format before ending your subscription. Please refer our Master Subscription Agreement for the details.

What is your subscription renewal terms?

You can renew your subscription at any point of time before it expires. Please refer our Master Subscription Agreement for the details.

What is your subscription cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any point of time. Please refer our Master Subscription Agreement for the details.

What kind of support can be expected?

We provide 24*7 online support via email with a response time of less than 24 hours. We also provide supports via sharing desktop and phone calls for special cases would be provided during the business hours from 10:00am to 8:00pm IST Monday to Saturday. This will include issue troubleshooting and resolution and standard bug fixing.

Where can I get user guide or documentation?

You can refer the user guide and documentation available 24×7 at our documentation center.

Is the hardware included within this price?

The price mentioned in the aforesaid answer is only of the software and does not include any kind of hardware. You can use your own existing device or need to buy new one along with other hardware such as printer, bar code scanner etc. separately, if needed.

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