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Retail Management Software

Welcome to our revolutionary Multi-Location Retail Management Software! Designed to empower retail businesses with multiple locations, Just Billing Retail Software provides seamless management across all outlets. Enjoy centralized control over inventory, sales, customer data, and more, ensuring consistent operations and enhanced efficiency. Track real-time sales performance, manage stock levels, implement unified pricing strategies, and streamline operations.

Retail Billing Software Modules

Point of Sale Management
Order & Delivery Management
Customer Management
Offers & Discounts Management
Purchase Management
Inventory Management
Accounting Management
MIS Reports & Analytics
Retail Management Software

All-in-one retail pos software

Real time visibility & aggregation
Our innovative real-time data synchronization mechanism enables the head office to easily access consolidated sales, customer, inventory, payment, and expense information for any store or region. No more day-end processes, uploads, downloads, or manual reconciliations required.
Centralized master data management
Effortlessly manage master data such as products, pricing, discounts, and offers from the Head Office. Changes made at the head office are automatically reflected across all stores in real-time. Customize product catalogs, pricing, and promotions for different regions or stores from the head office with ease.
Control & track inventory movement
Effortlessly transfer stock between stores or warehouses, perform inventory lookups across sales channels, and streamline inventory management with automated purchase and transfer order generation based on inventory levels. Enhance efficiency and accuracy across your supply chain and reduce dead stock.
Centralized CRM, offers and promotions
Analyze consolidated customer information to gain insights into buying patterns and preferences. Tailor offers and promotions across stores or regions to increase sales. Effortlessly run SMS or email promotions from the software, ensuring effective marketing campaigns and enhanced customer engagement.

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Experience the power of Just Billing Professional Retail Billing Software and take your business to new heights of success.

How billing software for retail shop Works!

 Designed to grow your retail business, no matter how complex your operations are!


Use Just Billing Retail POS App at your store(s) to manage sales, inventory, customers and expenses at the store level
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Retail POS Software information automatically synchronize with

Cloud ERP Back Office

Use Just Billing Professional Head Office ERP for consolidated information from store(s) and efficient retail back-office management. This cloud-based retail management software provides real-time visibility about your store(s) and can be accessed from anywhere.

Retail Management Back Office

Enhance sales efficiency, track payments, and analyze customer buying patterns to gain insights into seasonal trends.
Streamline procurement processes, reduces errors, and provides real-time insights for data-driven decisions and enhances supplier relationships.
Monitor stock levels, reduce overstock and stock-out situations, optimize inventory holding costs, auto requisition, and data-driven insights.
Maintain taxes and generate financial reports automatically, reducing human errors associated with manual accounting entries.

Why Retail Billing Software

Increase profit
Increase revenue and optimize costs with strategic reports available anytime, anywhere.
Save time
Manage queues with fast billing, auto-inventory, and efficient tax and accounting management.
Business outlook
Boost your business outlook with cutting-edge technology, all accessible on your smartphone.
Get more organized
Tap to bill, automate sales and inventory updates, and stay organized effortlessly.
Get more customers
Expand your customer base with enticing loyalty programs and exclusive discounts.
Prevent misuse
Prevent misuse with automated tracking and real-time updates of sales and inventory.
Financial accuracy
Embrace automated billing to eliminate human errors and streamline your processes.
Easy Reconciliation
Reconcile sales with cash, bank statements, and physical inventory to identify any discrepancies.

POS Retail Software cloud advantages

Online & offline
Operate seamlessly in offline mode when the internet connection is lost. Each device functions independently, and automatic data streaming resumes in the background once the connection is restored. You also have the flexibility to disable offline functionality if it is not needed for your business.
Highly scalable
Whether you have a single location or hundreds, Just Billing is highly scalable. You don't need to invest in a head office server, hardware, or infrastructure. This not only saves costs and capital investment but also the effort, resources, and expertise required to configure and manage multiple locations.
Highly secure
Your data is securely stored in our data centers, powered by the world's top cloud service provider, Amazon AWS. We adhere to international standards, compliances, and governance, including PCI, ISO, and SOC. Additionally, all communication with our cloud head office is encrypted using the HTTPS protocol.
No Maintenance
No maintenance is required for the Cloud ERP software, your data, or servers. Stay up to date with the latest version of Just Billing POS software through automatic upgrades. Your data is automatically backed up daily on our cloud servers. Setting up a new device or a new store with your data takes just a few minutes.

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