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Build customer loyalty to ensure repeat customer

Coffee shop pos

The smell of freshly brewed coffee itself is the best marketing weapon for a coffee shop. The next best trick is running customer loyalty program. People will not change their coffee destination or coffee shop brand if they get discount for being the loyal customer. Instead, repeat visits with colleagues and friends will bring more business to the shop. Just Billing coffee shop pos drives customer loyalty program alongside taking care of other business interests.

Customized order taking

While taking an order, make a note of customer’s preference like toppings, flavours, beans type – so that you serve what exactly they are looking up to.

Refreshment as combo-offer

Add light refreshments with featured drinks as combo-offer for easy up-selling. just billing notes down individual product sell or combo sell to maintains inventory accordingly.

Retain loyal customer

Customer’s mobile number works as loyalty number in just billing coffee shop pos software. every revisits they get loyalty points, redeeming which discount or reward is given as per business policy.

Franchise model outlets

If you are planning for multiple outlets or franchise model, just billing will be the right choice for you. every single detail of business can be monitored from cloud back office.

coffee shop pos

Track your expenses

From raw material cost to operating expenses, just billing helps you to capture expenses took place at every single point. this further explains where business has spent for what purpose.

Easy payment modes

Accepting all sort of payment options like cash, card, wallet relief the customers. Just Billing coffee shop POS software keeps a detailed record of all payment forms for accounting verification.

Diminish wastage cost

Plan your production as per the sales status and product demand report generated by system. this automatically trims down wastage or over production cost.

Notify promotional offers

Whenever you run any promotional offer, let your customers know about it. send promotional sms and emails from just billing software to all your customers in a single click.

Download coffee shop pos!

Download and follow simple steps to setup Just Billing coffee shop POS.