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If you are owning a quick service restaurant (QSR), you must have Just Billing fast food POS in order to unlock the potential.

fast food pos & fast food software

Quick service restaurants are meant to be fast and casual dining. In a typical QSR (quick service restaurant) setup, people stand in a queue to place their order in the counter, make immediate payment and wait in a separate queue to pick their order. During peak hours, the order taking queue appears like a traffic jam and handling customers becomes challenging. That’s why quick service restaurant needs Just Billing quick service restaurant pos system for quick and efficient service.
How does it feel when you wait just for a popcorn & coke in the crowded food stall at any cinema hall during interval? Don’t let this picture take place at your outlet. People who doesn’t want to spend time at a restaurant visits fast food joints. As the name suggest, make every process faster to justify the category of your business.
If you are planning to expand your business into multiple branches, yet a little hesitant about managing it, leave it to Just Billing fast food software.
fast food pos

quick service restaurant pos system

Bring down wait time

Just Billing fast food POS generates invoice in three simple touches and auto-generate KOT to notify kitchen for the meal to be prepared. This reduces food delivery wait time for customers.

Combo-meal, daily offers

A combination of different food items can be clubbed up as a special discounted meal offer in the fast food software. Once combo meal is defined to the fast food pos, it will calculate rate and inventory as in when sales take place.

Operate franchises round the clock

Warehouse production, in-transit inventory, in-store sales, supply chain management – entire process can be controlled and monitored from fast food management software back office.

Generate tax invoice

Based on your State and Government norms, quick service restaurant pos system can generate tax invoice where food items can be inclusive or exclusive of tax based on business policy.

fast food pos

Technology takes the turn

You can send SMS or email invoices to your customer from fast food POS if you want to avoid printing it. Also, promotional offers can be sent to customers to increase repeat visit directly from the fast food software.

Convenience of payment

Cash, card, wallet, coupon – take payment from your customers and settle the bill. Fast food software keeps a track of each payment mode to ease reconciliation.

Reduce wastage cost

Get to know your daily sales trends from the fast food management software generated report and plan your production accordingly. This helps to reduce the loss of material or wastage.

Driving customer loyalty

In fast food management software, customer’s contact number works as loyalty number. A Special discount for regular customers encourages them to bring their friends and family.

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