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restaurant billing software

for Fine Dining, Casual Dining

Restaurant POS & restaurant inventory management with Table Management, Kitchen Management (KOT), Self Ordering and Waiter Ordering.

Dining restaurant pos

Major challenge in restaurant business is managing inventory in both the types – prepared food and raw materials. Not always wastage takes place, pilferage and misuse of ingredients are common issue in food business. Eliminate it with Just Billing Restaurant POS. Capture every sale, inventory adjustments, stock transfer, local purchase; so that inventory gets auto-updated in the restaurant inventory management.
Along with food preparation and food quality, customer service and guest management are the non-negotiable part of a Dining restaurant. In the 21st century, customers’ reviews on social media sites can make or break a restaurant’s reputation. Closely monitoring each and every operational process is not feasible for any restaurant owner, that’s why Just Billing Restaurant POS become the tool for restaurant business growth. Try free restaurant billing software today to see your growth.
restaurant pos

restaurant inventory management

Waiter order taking

Restaurant billing software allows waiters to take order in android mobile or tablet and that immediately sends Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) to the kitchen.

Table management

Cashier or reception desk can check the availability of table and order status of each table. Generating invoices become less challenging even if multiple orders come from one table using the restaurant pos.

Take away, food delivery

Besides dine in, Just Billing Restaurant POS enables the restaurant to maintain separate order taking process for takeaway, home delivery or delivery through third-party food delivery.

Payment settlement

In case of home delivery or orders from the third-party delivery application; advance or due payment can be settled and monitored from the restaurant pos itself.

restaurant pos

Command production rate

Based on customer’s demand and sales reports generated by the restaurant billing software, production planning can be done. Restaurant inventory management reduces wastage of raw material and manpower.

Inventory in control

When inventory, purchase order, GRN and usage of material are systematically monitored and updated; chances of misuse, wastage and pilferage gets reduced when using restaurant inventory management.

Customer’s opinion

Just Billing Restaurant POS allows the user to capture guest feedback in the application itself. This helps restaurant operators to serve their customers better.

Safe & secure cloud back-up

Operational details, sales, expenses, inventory, accounting – every finer detail can be observed from restaurant billing software back office portal. Only authorized user or admin has access to it.

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