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Production planning reduces wastage, increases profit

Bakery billing software

A business like bakery is fully dependent on everyday sales and reputation about product quality. Most of the items have to be freshly made and freshly baked; but if these are not sold on the same day, neither those items can be preserved for the next day. Daily wastage directly hits expense account, and reduces profitability. What about planning your production using Just Billing bakery billing software?

Plan your production

Production planning based on the sales pattern and customer’s demand help bakery owner to convert over production into accurate production to meet supply vs demand ratio.

Controlling cost fluctuation

Even if the raw materials purchase cost fluctuates based on season and supply chain; just billing auto calculates moving average rate. this ensures a standard selling price throughout the year.

Supply from central kitchen

Bakery chains generally have one central kitchen from where finished and semi-finished products are supplied to outlets. this bakery billing software helps owner to track delivery details as per branches.

In-store kitchen production

While taking orders from customers, just billing generates kitchen order ticket for in-store kitchen. semi-finished products like refreshments get prepared by chefs based on the order.

bakery billing software

Event order taking

Customized cake or bulk event order – just billing records every details like quotation generation, order to invoice conversion, advance or due payment, customer profile, delivery status etc.

Generate tax invoice

This bakery billing software generates tax invoice in three simple clicks. items can be inclusive or exclusive of tax based on business policy. bifurcation of tax implemented are clearly mentioned.

Inventory adjustment

If any wastage takes place, just billing prompts stewards or store keeper to make an adjustment note with predefined causes by system. this prevents misuse, pilferage and unethical activities.

Proficiency in accounting

based on sales and expense record, just billing generates p&l ledger, balance sheet. it reduces the cost of keeping an accountant and eliminate the chances of human errors.

Download bakery billing software!

Download and follow simple steps to setup Just Billing bakery billing software.