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You need a good Ice Cream POS & ice cream software to manage your inventory and to increase popularity. Best pos system for ice cream shop free download

Ice cream POS

The crowd in an ice cream parlor depends on how it represents itself, but whether the customers are revisiting or not – that depends on how you are treating them. In most cases, misusing raw materials, producing order slip instead of invoice generation, pilferage – are some of the common challenges faced by an absentee owner. To address all these concerns, especially for a multi-outlet or ice cream franchise, Just Billing brings an efficient Ice cream POS Software for ice cream parlors.

Uplift business image

Replace a huge computer or billing machine with Just Billing Android or iPad Ice cream POS. A small mobile or tablet in countertop occupies the minimum area and ensures a better business image.

Digital invoice generation

Just Billing ice cream POS Software helps your business to generate tax invoice as per your state or countries norm. Invoices can be printed or can be sent as SMS or email using the ice cream point of sale.

Preserve valuable customer

While billing, ice cream point of sale prompts to capture customer’s mobile number as loyalty number. When accumulated loyalty points give some rewards or discount, footfall automatically increases.

Consumption of raw material

Generating invoices auto-calculate consumption of each item in the ice cream software. For combo-offer or sundaes, ice cream software considers individual scoop sale distinctly, helping to track inventory at each step.

ice cream pos

Demand forecasting

Based on the sales pattern report generated by the ice cream software, product demand and key selling items can be recognized.

Supervising cold chain

Just Billing ice cream POS keeps a detailed record of all suppliers, order details, delivery note, payment status systematically. It improves customer relation and minimize the chances of misinterpretation.

Cut down extra cost

Every single operating expense details get captured by ice cream pos, helping business heads to decide where to trim extra and unnecessary cost.

Business insight

Cloud portal offers the complete insight of each and every single outlet of a franchise or chain business using this best pos system for ice cream shop. Only authorized user or admin can obtain this access to the ice cream POS virtual head office.

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best pos system for ice cream shop

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