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Arabic restaurant software

Arabic restaurant pos system helps to manage modern fast billing, KOT, customers, inventory and increase customer loyalty while reduces wastage.

Arabic restaurant pos system

The aroma of mild spices from tender meat is the reason why people crave for middle eastern food. Throughout the year, Arabic restaurants never fall short of customers. However, lack of business strategy & standardization amplifies inefficiencies in handling customer’s order, table booking, service time and food production. Setting up the right standard improves customer’s experience and profit margin. It’s all possible with Just Billing POS Arabic restaurant software.

Systematic order, automatic KOT

While taking food orders, it automatically gives a notification in Kitchen for the menu ordered, canceling the human errors for order queue.

Defining bill of material

This Arabic restaurant pos system software defines BOM, production cost, moving average; helping owners to determine a standard sales price throughout the year.

Optimizing digital payments

Just Billing Arabic restaurant POS enables the cashier to accept any form of digital payments along with cash. Systems maintain the payment process & payments modes for future reference.

Dine-in and delivery

Just Billing POS Arabic restaurant software also has a wing for online food orders. Now table booking, home delivery everything is on one screen.

Arabic restaurant software

Cloud monitor for absentee owner

Just Billing cloud back office gives a mirror effect of restaurant operations. Owners need not required to be present in day-to-day operations.

Inventory in control

Product inventory details are recorded at every stage like purchase order, goods received note, production rate, usage of materials etc.

Relation with supplier

Using Arabic restaurant POS Software, user can track advance or due payment status to product suppliers. A documented record nullifies human errors and upholds a strategic relationship in business.

Loyalty, discounts, and offer

All it takes is customer’s mobile number to run loyalty program in Just Billing Arabic restaurant software. Happy customers always revisit making business wealthy.

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Arabic restaurant software

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