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Business growth will be sweeter with confectionery billing software

sweet shop billing software

Diwali, Eid, Dussera… we just need an excuse from our healthy diet to satisfy our sweet tooth. We can’t imagine any occasion without it. Infact, we place order in advance to secure the best quality and required quantity. If you run a sweet shop, you must be familiar with taking pre-order, and must have faced challenge to match demand vs supply ratio in festive season.


Sweet always played a role in Indian culture, now over the time it also became a part of ‘corporate gifting ideas’. Before placing the huge order, admin team always ask for a quotation. Have you calculated your quotation to sale conversion ratio?


This particular business requires two different types of inventory – highly perishable like milk products and long shelf life like sugar, dryfruits and other ingredients. Both can be a cause of your loss if not taken care properly. If sale doesn’t take happens, perishable products would be wasted. On the other side, if non-perishable products are kept in store for longer duration, it’s a waste of space management. Thus, it’s very important to plan your inventory and raw material usage. Here we have jotted down 6 ways to grow your sweet shop business using Sweet Shop Billing Software.
sweet shop billing software

Bitter Sweet Journey

Getting sweets from a shop on the day before festival gives us a bitter feeling. Huge crowd and busy counter guy is commonly seen everywhere. Make faster billing and handle queue efficiently.

Spread Your Sweets Everywhere

If you have multiple sweet shops or planning for so, check the cloud back office option of Just Billing. You really don’t have to visit all your stores. You may check all the snaps of all your outlets sitting at home with real time updates.

Pray to Ganesha, not the Rat

The pleasing smile on Lord Ganesha’s face is simply because of the ‘Laddu’ (sweets) offered to him and the rat beside him stealthily takes one from him. Don’t let that Rat enter in your kitchen. Manage auto-inventory to eliminate all the pilferage or misuse of materials.

Barfi Said “I’m The King”

Know which are your top selling products. Also, reduce the production for those which are not most demanded by customers. Get useful reports from Just Billing and make master plan for more profit.

Mobile? We all Have It

Send SMS or email invoice to your customer. This unique method will reduce your billing cost and will surprise your customers too. But, if your business requires, Just Billing gives the high-five to thermal printer.

No Internet? Say ‘Hakuna Matata’

Do you know Just Billing can work with or without internet connection! Sounds interesting? Try it for 15days free trial and realize that how amazing it is.

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