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Stay cool with hi-tech juice bar pos software

juice bar pos software

It doesn’t always need fermented beverages to get addicted. Health conscious minds always keep visiting their favorite fruit juice corner. Challenge is, this business is a little more season specific. In summer when people enjoy the chilled sip of juice, availability of fruits are limited or prices are high. When winter showers with fresh berries, crowd doesn’t like to get chilled much.


Are you planning well when to buy the fruits at the best rate and optimizing the inventory at the same time? Are you able to make best profit even in off-seasons? If the answer is no, may be because you are not able to analyze your sales data, customer’s trend and preferences to up-sell them. Well, if calculation takes more time from a businessmen like you, it doesn’t worth the time. what about reminding your customers by SMS that a glass of juice can keep them away from health issues!


Investment incurred to open a juice counter might be less compared to other business, but return of investment can be high if few things like repeat customers, inventory, optimized purchase and expense etc are managed well.


Often juice counters are also extended part of an office cafeteria or restaurant. You can actually serve multiple cafeteria or expand your business in multiple locations by increasing your operation efficiency and optimized inventory to become a chain of Juice Counters, even from a singe location today. The only negligible investment you need, is into Just Billing Juice bar POS Software for Juice counters and get 10 times return.
juice bar pos software

Sip Strategy, Gain Profit

Do you know which is the most popular and highly sellable drink at your juice-counter? Of course you know! But, do you know how much cost takes place to make that yield product? Now you are thinking! Install Just Billing and it will automatically give you the report of cost incurred, amount sold and all other necessary reports you need.

Yuck! Rotten Sapota!

You are into such a business, where your raw materials are highly perishable and wastage causes a lot of expenses. Manage your inventory efficiently and from 50+ report understand the demand vs supply ratio to avoid these unwanted cost.

That’s My Cup of Juice

Know the in and out of your business revenue & expenses without any accountants intervention. Just Billing Juice bar POS Software brings the perfect accounting module that requires zero finance knowledge and gives you the balance sheet with zero error.

Go Banana

Go crazy with online & offline mode of Just Billing Juice bar POS Software. Which means, it can move your business with or without internet connection!

Give a (Fruit) Punch to Your Competitors

Open multiple juice-counter yet manage from your home! Observe all your business details anywhere anytime with Just Billing Juice bar POS Software.

Save the Adam’s Apple

Save earth and go green! Send SMS or email invoice to your customer. Happy paperless billing to you.

Download juice bar pos software!

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