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Make business simple with an easy bakery billing software

bakery billing software

The amazing thing about baking is it’s a magic of creation. Different nozzles make same icing look so different on a simple cake. Flavors and aroma around the bakery is enough to make someone fall for it. It’s not always the chocolate or black forest cake your customer is looking for, few prefer a fresh fruit gateau, or rich brown tiramisu. Have you analyzed your customer’s preference? Have you ever captured their feedback? If the answer is ‘No’, you are certainly missing valuable growth strategy.


Dry fruits, coco powder, food color are expensive ingredients available in your storeroom; wasting or pilferage of these things becomes heavy on wallet. The only way to avoid it is taking an inventory management solution. With the inflation rate of raw materials, saving on wastage and misuse is one kind of relief.


All it takes is little yeast can ferment 15 ounce of flour and make a batch of breads. Similarly your business can increase it’s shape if proper ingredients are provided. If you are worried about how to do so, remember “Stressed” is “Desserts” spelled backwards. Try Just Billing bakery billing software for your bakery outlet. It works just like vanilla essence you need for all your business need.
bakery billing software

Emotion Overloaded

Let it be your loved one’s birthday or Christmas, nearest bakery is the ultimate destination for all the celebration. Don’t let those emotions die in the long queue. Make faster billing and help your customer enjoy their bite of blue berry cake.

Wo la la, Muffin!

Make your customer happy with seasonal discounts, loyalty program or simply by sending a wish on their special days! Maintain customer database easily with Just Billing. Happy customers bring the ultimate zing in your business.

Fortune Cookie

With Just Billing, you got a fortune cookie that says “You don’t need your accountant anymore”. You heard it right. Just Billing records all the sales & purchase details of all your stores and delivers an error free accounting ledger.

Who Took My Easter Eggs?

Wastage and pilferage is a common issue in any bakery. Adios these bad debts with a proper inventory management system that reflects all the material usage as per sale and purchase.

Choco-Pie Pie Chat

Just Billing sync all your outlets and generate 50+ reports on real time basis. Know the in and out of your all the outlets whenever you want.

Don’t Bake My Day

How does it feel when the nearest ATM doesn’t work? The same way your customer feels if you refuse to accept card or coupons. Just Billing helps your outlets to accept payment via cash, card, coupon, wallet or whatever your business supports.

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