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Modern Billing

Traditional billing or paper billing restrict us to just billing but modern billing does beyond it. Billing in just clicks, makes us record all the transactions, give different payment options etc.

Customer Loyalty

Gaining customer impression is one of the best boosts for the business, taking feedbacks and implementing can improve it. Just billing will make you take feedbacks and also provides the loyalty programs to the loyal customers which build a good relationship with the customers.

Promotional Offers

Membership cards, special discounts, promotional offers on new services etc can create in the software and we can choose those directly on billing screen for quick billing. We can let customers know about offers by promoting it via SMS and email.

Cashless payments

As digitalization became a boom, cashless payments are trending and a lot of digital wallets giving offers to customers to use, it’s always better to adopt it. No one is showing interest to go, stand in a queue and draw money and spend, they showing more attentiveness to use digital payment methods.

salon software

Expenses Management

Unnecessary expenses loot the profit of the business. Know your expenses will by recording every detail like rent, broadband, maintenance, petty cash etc and remove the nonmandatory ones to reduce the burden on business.

Customized combos

Though customers come to the salon by keeping some service in mind, There are high chances that they can choose the other services which are related to them in combined offers. In software, you can create different types of combinations and also customize according to customer preferences.

Taxed Invoice

Generating invoices with auto calculation always a time savior and reduces a lot of efforts for the business. Just billing software can calculate tax on each invoice and also sum up whole tax of business.

Eliminate Accounting Trouble

The major trouble every business person faces is with accounting and most of the people get confused with the rules and regulations. But just billing make the whole process very easy by making it automation according to norms. We don’t even need to do anything, with just one click we can check all the accounting process of the business.

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