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cosmetic billing software

To many, especially for girls buying cosmetic products is love. One of the main reason people use cosmetics and make is to enhance the beauty and feel good which increase the self-confidence. To become successful in this business, one has to have the knowledge and overcome few things like supply chain management, Forecasting the inventory of products according to seasons, having an eye on latest trend changes etc.

Just billing cosmetic store software allows you to record details of suppliers and map the products they supply, inventory management becomes easy than ever actually. Sales and purchase reports give you a clear idea about demand and supply. Business analytics reports give you proper details to forecast the trend changes and mold business accordingly.

CRM and loyalty

Taking customer suggestions always increase business performance and helps to retain the customers. Just billing allows you take customers feedback and also provides the loyalty programs to regular customers

Promotions and offers

People always show more interest to buy when they are getting additional benefits than regularly. Combo offers, special discounts will increase the buying power of customers. Let shoppers know your promotional offers via SMS or email whenever you are providing. So that they will never miss an opportunity to grab the products.

Estimations and orders

Just billing gives clear idea for people who are in confusion that all the products are coming in their budget or not by providing the estimation prices for the products they need. It also allows taking the orders of products which they wanted to deliver on some particular time or date.

Supplier and product mapping

There are multiple suppliers who supply different products. When you don’t have exact details of suppliers and what the supply, things will become more complicated. Just billing makes you record every supplier details and map to them what products they supply. So it is very easy for the owner to place the purchase orders quickly whenever needed.

cosmetic billing software

Agent order taking

This specialized feature like for the stores who keep different agents for different brands in store and wants to know how much sales happening from them. With these products can be assigned to agent wise in software and can get sales reports of individual agent wise.

Invoice via SMS or mail

Paper bill can miss somewhere but not SMS or mail which saves forever. With Just billing you can send invoices bills by SMS or mail whichever way customer chooses. So that he can check the details whenever required.

Shelf arrangement

In cosmetics, identifying the inventory by its designated place is a key function which can be addressed by Just Billing.

Resource and kit planning

By arranging different products together as a bundled single product which is preferred by many of the cosmetic product buyers, this is an acceleration objective to improve your sales by using our back-office.

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