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poultry management software

fish market pos software

Poultry management software and Fish market POS software enables you to optimize inventory, build customer loyalty and increase sales. Try free fish software or chicken software.

Poultry management software

In fish and poultry business, people usually don’t know how much profit they are earning at the end of the month. Because there will be no proper recording of expenses and sales. This is one the main reason owner never know how the business going and become difficult to take any decision regarding business. Even most of the times they miss bills and forget the money they need to give or get.


Just Billing poultry management software and chicken software built in a very simple way that anyone can understand easily. It helps to bill, record expenses, etc. With this poultry management software, you can easily know the daily, weekly, monthly sales and profits. You can even check any due payments are left. All these things will give a clear image of how business is running.

Inventory management

Poultry management software business is full of egg production, breeding, meat etc. Having a record of all those items and managing it properly improves the efficiency and accountability of business operations.

Analyze sales trend

The business will not be same all days. Usually, fish and poultry business will be high on weekends. The poultry management software gives you complete sales report which helps you to analyze the business.

Online & in-store sales

You can integrate your online business with this fish software and chicken software and do billing with ease. You can check the billing process for online, offline separately and also a whole.

Packing & delivery

With the fish market pos software, you can assign a delivery agent to deliver the products according to order to the customer place. This chicken software gives clear instructions about the product, quantity, and place to deliver.

poultry management software

Payment collection at doorstep

Full payment or any due amount can assign to your delivery agent and allow the person to collect at customer doorstep. The fish market pos software allows you to provide different payment modes like cash on delivery, digital wallets, cards, vouchers etc.

Order to invoice conversion

You don’t need to create invoice separately again for the orders which are taken before. With just one click you can convert order into the invoice and complete the billing process in the poultry management software.

Ensure zero wastage

You can see and minimize wastage at the end of the day using the fish software and chicken software. Poultry management software provides sales reports, you can check how much sales are happening on days basis and can forecast appropriately.

Customer satisfaction

Fresh and good quality is what customers expect, nothing more they need. As there are regular customers where sometimes you need to allow them to pay later. With fish market pos software, you can record due payment and can notify the customer on the due date. You can also create loyalty programs or offers to customers which can improve customer satisfaction.

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