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Figure out the customer base of your gifts & stationary shop – most of your customers are either school-college goers or young job holders. This age group is very particular about their need, requirement and never settle down for something less than what they are looking for. If a little girl is a big fan of hello kitty and looking for hello kitty game set, she will refuse to take the doremon one. Little sad face would emotionally force the parents to visit another shop. You will not lose customers like this if you know what they are looking for and if you keep the available stock based on the customer’s feedback.


Budget or product price is another concern if your customer is a student. With their little pocket money, they are always alert for ‘expense’. Product price variation of Rs. 5 – 10 would also be a matter to them. But if give them discounts, and offer some free products, they would be your most loyal customers.


This business is also season specific – sale of gift products increases during Valentine’s day, Christmas where as demand of stationary products are high on academic year starting. Well, we have already told you your present challenges, now time to tell the solution – Just Billing gift shop POS
gift shop pos

Confused Tiny Soul

While billing, the kid suddenly remembers, he need a color-pen box, an elephant shaped eraser and many other things. It happens with elders too! Keep the current bill on hold and recall it once the petit garcon is back with his repacked items. Meanwhile, you continue billing for other.

Ben10 or Barbie

Knowing your top selling products would help any business to grow faster. Acknowledge product demand from sales report to match the supply criteria. Eliminate cash-trap by removing stock of not-so-easy going products.

A Free Sticker is all they need

Your tiny customers will insist their parents to come to your outlet and influence their gang if you provide a free gift of their choice. Capture customer details and send promotional discount or offers to get more crowd. 

Registers are not for you

Maintain your account book up-to-date and error free with a smart solution. Captures all the expenses in your system, and it automatically tally your account book.

A Surprise Gift

Do you know Just-Billing can run with or without internet? If you are having trouble with your internet connection, don’t worry, your business will not stop.

To Fit Your Piggy Bank

Worried about the cost for a business management solution? Just Billing gift shop POS is affordable. Get in touch with us and let us know your business requirement.

Download gift shop pos!

Download and follow simple steps to setup Just Billing Stationary & Gift shop POS Software.