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gift shop pos

for Gifts & Stationary shops

Stationary software & Gift shop POS System to help you growing your business. Reduce inventory cost and increase sales with gift shop software.

gift shop pos system

In gifts stores, the major problem we face is with a lot of inventory. Nowadays people majorly preferring customized ones and the major confusion they have is whether gifts are delivered on time or not. To overcome this doubt we need to note down every detail perfectly. As there are more online gift stores are coming up, customer retention became an important factor in business success.


By noting all these complications, Just Billing came up with modern gift shop pos system which can make you overcome obstacles every business owner faces.

Gift vouchers redemption

Through just billing gift shop software, you can generate gift vouchers as per your requirement and share to your customers as a special offer. Vouchers can be redeemed by customers while they shop next time in the store

Barcode Integration

Make your billing quick and easy by just scanning the barcode of the product with a barcode scanner or mobile scanning using the gift shop pos system. You can complete a lot of products billing process in just seconds.

Handle multi-store locations

with gift shop pos system, managing multi stores become so easy than ever. All the stores are connected to cloud back office, where you can check each and every detail of whole business and store wise.

Stock transfer

Now updating inventory and controlling it to minimize the thefts, damage, lost etc are can be done by few clicks using this stationary software. You can even raise inventory stock transfer from one branch to another internally.

gift shop pos system

Real-time data

Now you don’t need to lot of calculations or statistics how your business doing. Just billing stationary software provides you the real-time data like hourly, daily, monthly etc reports as per your requirement at any time.

Optimize potential

This gift shop pos system gives you various inputs and data, with the help of those you can optimize the business to run smoothly and more profitably. Operational management becomes easier as it records each and every data of the business using the gift shop software. You get various reports which help us to take critical business decisions easily.

Strict access

As the business owner can’t be available at the store for billing. He can give access to others to do it. But we can provide access as per requirement and restrict remaining areas. You can create roles and assign access accordingly in the gift shop pos software.

No accounting hassle

Now say NO to hiring an accountant. This gift shop pos software will automatically update accounts for each and every transaction. From journal to balance sheet all your accounting processes will be done without any efforts.

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