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That little joy of life when the plant gets it’s first flower bud and our eager waiting for it’s complete blooming. The balcony, doorway looks amazing with colorful indoor plants. Few has a passion of collecting cactus and their decorating ideas are jaw dropping.


If you run a nursery business, unofficially you become the hobby guide for your customers. They need your suggestion on how to grow a plant, how to take proper care of it. Sale-cycle doesn’t complete even after selling a sapling, you get a chance to cross sell other products like pots, mud, fertilizers, pesticides and gardening tools. But are you getting the chance to cross sell? In India, people are very particular about ‘not spending much’ on their hobbies.


So, if they find a better place where they can get plants, flowers and gardening accessories at a lesser price, they will never revisit you. Hold them with discounts and offers, that’s the only way. But how will you notify them that you are running an offer? A simple SMS can do that magic. Capture your customers’ details for the first time, and later run loyalty program using Flower shop POS Software. They will keep visiting you throughout the year.
flower shop pos

For the Perfectionist

When it comes to give a flower bouquet to someone, we prefer to customize the design. Make a note of customer’s preference in the system so that you never make a single flaw and make your customer gift you a good back that gets captured as customer’s feedback. 

Spring Blossom

Give seasonal discounts and offers to attract more customers, which eventually gives you more profit. Let the spring blossom in every corner.

Poky Cactus

To keep an accountant for your small floral shop or nursery is a real bad debt. That’s why Just Billing Flower shop POS Software came up with its in-build accounting features that gives you an error-free account book whenever you need.

Like a Blue Rose

What makes Just Billing different from other solution is its unique offline mode. It can work with or without internet. So, you don’t need to worry if your internet is down.

The Sprout Is Growing

If you are planning to open multiple floral stalls with one nursery from where all the raw materials would be supplied, cheers to your plan. Just Billing Flower shop POS Software can perfectly fit with your business idea and help you to gain more profit.

Make the Root Stronger

To compete with today’s market, you always need to know your top selling products, top expenses, monthly business growth etc. And Just Billing Flower shop POS Software would be there to answer all these queries.

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