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Florist business is one of the good growing business mainly in cities. Now many showing interests to decorate their office and house with flowers regularly and making it must for events, occasions, festivals which create a pleasant environment. A lot of people are willing to present customized bouquet with fresh flowers to their loved ones.


Just Billing florist software is uncomplicated and very convenient which make all the business operational process quick. You can integrate E-commerce website to take online orders. The software will allow you to record specifications of customers and have an option to deliver directly to customer place. Promote your business by sending offers & discounts via SMS or email.

Effortless Billing

As all the products details are updated in software. We don’t need to write or record anything. With just clicks, you can complete the whole billing process.

Customized offers and discounts

Linking up low sale products with top selling products by making combo discounts is one of the best marketing strategies that you can create in this software. We can also create special offers or discounts as per your requirement which will automatically apply during the billing.

Effective cost management

We can do cost management when we know properly where we spending the money. For this, we can record all the expenses and purchases in justbilling which gives accurate figures where we are spending amount. With expenditure report, with just a click you will get all the transactions that are eating more than required and it can be optimized.

Runs without internet

The Internet is not at all an important factor now. Just billing runs offline and all the data will auto sync when the software connects to the internet. So we don’t need to worry about internet connection or fluctuations.

flower shop pos


Just billing built by keeping everyone in mind. By using advanced technology all the complex things are made as simple as possible. The user interface of software looks easy that make people use without any difficulty

Billing to tax filing

It’s not just billing software. When you bill, It will update in all the respective options it required. Updates inventory, record accounting process, calculate tax, make changes in sales report etc. In a simple way it can do all your operational activities

Analyzing business trends

Software prepares sales report and business analytics reports, which provides the details like what are the products customers are preferring to buy more. This will gives us clarity of ongoing business trends and can adapt it easily.


We don’t need a lot of equipment and space for the setup which costs a lot. All we need is a phone/tablet/computer/tablet, install the software and start using.

Download flower shop pos!

Download and follow simple steps to setup Just Billing Flower shop POS Software.