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Why Small Business should have an App? – Small Business App

Everyday morning, the first thing we do is checking our mobile. If you ask anyone why they purchase a smart phone instead of a basic one, everyone would talk about several apps and features that they want. Doesn’t it prove, we definitely want our gadgets to perform more than making call or sending SMS? What about tuning the smart phone technology for your business too?

What are the basic requirements to manage SME?

  • Billing: Every customer wants to have a bill or receipt of their purchase. Especially in case of product return or refund, customers feel assured if they have an invoice. At the same time, it’s convenient for the shopkeeper to keep a track of their sale, if they provide bills.
  • Inventory: Maintaining a record of stock is extremely important for any product base business. A bakery can’t sell a spoilt cake, neither a supermarket can sell an expired product. Selling the product at right time requires an effective inventory management, and only an automated store update can reduce the cost of wastage.
  • Accounting: The calculation of profit and loss, product sale vs expense etc. are major part of trades. However tallying the journals are time consuming and prone to errors. For small business, keeping a person dedicated to finance is considered as a ‘cost to company’. Thus, making an automated accounting process would meet the requirement and heal the ‘cost’ wound.
  • Reports: Reports are the thermometer to check your business growth. A small business can’t run on trial and error basis without a clear statistics on product demand, market trend and sales generated. What about making all these possible through your mobile?

Why SME needs an app?

  • Business on a touch: When all the above mentioned requirement can be fulfilled by an app, then why not to make your smartphone smarter? Generate bills, maintain book of accounts and enter every expense from your android smartphone or tablet?
  • Reports anytime: Our mobile is in our hand 24/7, so does our business. Check your business status, product sales, and important updates from your mobile.
  • Easy Payment: Not only cash, customers might use debit/credit card, cheque, voucher or m-wallet to pay their bills. Your business app should be intelligent enough to accept all type of payment and to keep a track of it for bank reconciliation. A smart app for a smart phone can make a track of the due amount of a regular customer.
  • Less Investment: Capital investment is very less to acquire an app-base business solution than investing on desktops and cash counters. At the same time, a mobile or tablet would take negligible space in an outlet.

Why to choose Billing App for your business?

With prior care to all mentioned business requirement, Just Billing POS Software also provides few other essential things like:

  • Data security: Confidential trade secret won’t go in wrong hands, and never lose a single information.
  • Smart Billing : Generate SMS/ Email/ WhatsApp bills or simply print it
  • Centralized Data : A perfect solution for chain business controlled from head office
  • Stock Transfer : Transfer stock from one store to another and keep a record
  • Customer Loyalty : Give offers and discounts to your regular customers
  • Online & Offline mode : Just Billing works without the internet too, and data backup takes place ASAPthe internet is back

What if you already have a desktop?

If you already have a windows desktop, or if you prefer to take a desktop solution, simply download Just Billing Windows POS Software in your business. Just Billing software or invoice app – both took the oath to take care of your business.


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