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Multi Location
Restaurant Management Software

We understand that just a POS software is not most suitable for muti-location stores. Just Billing Multi Location Restaurant Management Software has been designed to overcome the challenges faced by restaurant chains.
Invoice App
Real time aggregation of stores from Head Office
Head office can view consolidated sales, customers, inventory, payment and expense information for any location with our innovative real-time data synchronization mechanism, as if it is a local store. No need of day-end process or manual upload, download or reconciliation.
Centralized master data management
Save time and bring consistency by eliminating stores efforts from creating masters such as menu, recipe, pricing, discount and offers. All can be controlled and managed from the head office and would be reflected across the stores automatically on real-time. You can set different product catalog or pricing for different region/stores as well.
Track stock movement
Move stock between stores or your warehouse with stock transfers, and quickly perform inventory lookups across all your sales channels. Transfers centrally or at store level in real time. Automatically generate purchase orders and transfer orders based on inventory levels.
Run offers and promotions based on data
Analyze consolidated customer information to get more insight about your customers’ buying pattern, preferences etc. This will help you to tailor offer and promotions for across the stores or region wise to increase customer footfall and revenue.
Automatic online and offline mode
Operate in offline mode automatically when you lose Internet connection. Each store runs independently even if the internet is down. Automatic data streaming would start again in the back ground as soon as the internet connection is restored.
High scalability
Whether you have a single location or hundreds, Just billing is extremely scalable. You do not need to invest on head office server, hardware or infrastructure. This not only just save your cost or capital investment, but also the effort, resources and expertise to configure and manage any number of stores. System allows you to add a new store just by installing our POS and seamlessly connecting to your head office on cloud.
Highly secure
Your data is fully secure. Our data centers are from the world’s top cloud service providers like IBM and Amazon, which meet all the international standards, compliances and governance such as PCI, ISO, SOC. Moreover, all communication with cloud head office are encrypted and fully secure with HTTP protocol (https).
Backup and maintenance
All store level data are automatically backed up on cloud head office and head office data are backed up automatically every day on our secondary server with encrypted format. You would be always on the latest version of the software as the store software would be automatically upgraded to the latest version.

Multi-store Restaurant chain

Designed to grow with your business, no matter how complex your operations are!
Multi store restaurant management software

Restaurant Management System

Modern Billing

Modern Billing

Our billing system lets your staff take orders and produces bills using any device like mobile, tablet, desktop computer or large screen POS devices. Thus, providing you the flexibility to reuse your existing hardware or start with low investment on hardware using smart phone or tablet. Our POS does not have software or hardware dependency and can be easily installed on any computing devices.

Payment options customer wants

One of the important aspect to cater to more customers and make them comfortable is to get generous with the mode of payments. The more options in mode of payments your customers get, the more they find it convenient to pay and spend at your shop. With Just Billing, we have provided multiple options of payments such as cash, credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallet, gift voucher, or any other and you can configure it all by yourself.

Payment options customer wants
Kitchen Display System

Kitchen Display System

On ordering, the kitchen order tickets (KOT) pop up on Kitchen Display System. The digital KOT based system eliminates all the issues with printer based KOT system, and eliminates the risk of missing any order at the Kitchen. On completing the order the chef can just swipe the KOT from the display to mark the order is complete.

Advanced Delivery Module

Our Quick Service POS is designed to register the dispatch time, tracks your delivery staff, vehicle and analyzes time it takes to deliver to the client. System also trace the amount receivables and disputes if any. Just Billing groups multiple orders based on the area in a single dispatch for effective utilization of resources.

It is also integrated with third part delivery network such as Food Panda, Swiggy etc.

Advanced food delivery module
Central CRM restaurant management software

Central CRM to Boost Sales

Just billing Head Office consolidate all the customer information from accross the stores to analyze buying patterns, preferences and detailed insights about your customers. With centralized customer profiling, you can talior offers and promotions. Also the information can be used to send your customers personalized greetings on their birthdays and anniversaries and many more to build better relation with your customers.

Customer Loyalty and Offers

Running multiple offers and loyalty at the same time? Our POS lets you embed all the loyalty, promotion, coupons, discounts and other offers from the head office directly. Once added, offers will be automatically applied to the bills as applicable. Customer mobile number will become the loyalty number and no need of plastic/magnetic loyalty card. Know your regular customers, offer them special deals and loyalty programs to retain more customers.

Loyalty and Offer Integration
Restaurant Management Inventory

Supply Chain & Inventory

Keep track of inventory across multiple sales channels with real-time, seamless syncing of stock. Save time with easy product updates across all stores and sales channels. Use automated reordering based on specified stock levels, and adjust reorder points and restock levels to make sure you never have too much or too little stock on your shelves. Move stock between stores or your warehouse with stock transfers, and quickly perform inventory lookups across all your sales channels.

Wastage & Theft Control

Wastage is a common issue for any QSR, as this depends on the inventory planning based on the sales vs demand. Our POS software automatically forecast the demand based on the past history. Hence, allow you to better planning for production and raw materials, to reduce wastage. System also automatically track and audit any activities at the stores including any exception at sales counter. Also, our head office will let you keep a watch on actual status of stock, remaining stock, wasted or stolen items at each store on real-time.

Restaurant Management Wastage & Theft Control
Restaurant Kitchen Management

Central Kitchen Management

Let yourself centrally manage kitchen for multiple outlets at different locations. The software has explicit inventory control system which smoothen communication between the varied outlets and the remotely view and manage the kitchen efficiency from the Head Office.

This also enables you to centrally procure the raw materials from the head office and allocate efficiently as per the demand of a store.

Reporting to drive business

Do you want in-depth data on how many customers you are serving every day? Which outlets are selling the most and which are not? Which is the most popular item on your menu and which is the least selling item? Where are you getting most of the orders from? Our QSR Chain POS fetches reports that answer these questions instantly. Our reporting and analytics tool also lets you customize any report as per data requirements.

Restaurant management software reporting

Restaurant Management Software

Invoice App
Just Billing Professional Restaurant Management Software is a perfect solution for multi-location restaurant and franchise business.

What our customer says

ERP for Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement
Khalil Rehman
Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement

I am pleased with the excellent support provided by the EffiaSoft team. They simplified our continuous requirements greatly throughout the development cycle. The developed Cloud ERP was perfectly suited to our needs. The CRM implementation and integration were quite smooth. Their best-in-class services and diligence astonished our BSM managers. No doubt, they will be handling our future projects for many years to come.

Billing Platform for Supergas
Shreekanta Parida
Super Gas, SHV Energy Ltd
VP, Sales and Marketing

Congratulation for the launch of Just Billing at our Gas filling stations in four cities. It was a pleasure working with a dynamic team having a lot of enthusiasm and open to listen customer feedback. Thanks for being patience and willingness to provide exceptional services during the implementation.
I am sure we will have a strong and long-lasting relationship with Just Billing. All the very best.

Retail Software for Ravino Industries
Umesh Soni
Ra Vino Industries
Managing Director

Just Billing is a wonderful software with ease of operation, which has helped us to control retail sales and also monitor realtime stock of raw material, packing material and finished goods from the back office portal. It is fun billing with awesome photographic menu at retail counter, with a tab as billing interface. It is the best investment for a business and an asset which has increased my assets.

POS Software Kings Burger
Hanu Nanapaneni
Kings Burger
Managing Director

One stop solution for my business, from billing to reports everything is easy to manage. Because it is cloud based so  they is no chance that we could lose data, thank you Just Billing for fulfilling my requirements. I would definitely recommend this product.

Invoice App

Multi Location
Restaurant Management Software

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