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Small Retail POS – Bring your customers back from supermarkets

Need for small retail pos

In today’s competitive world, grocery store, electronic outlet, or even gifts & stationary shop everyone is facing a day-to day challenge; customers prefer going to super markets than visiting a small store. But why? Acknowledge why a customer fall for super market than a local store?

Offers & Discount: Super markets often runs some or the other discount or offers on products and at the same time they run loyalty program. A customer never wants to miss a free pasta sauce with pasta packets.

Availability of their favorite brand: With huge available product range customer picks the one he/she is looking for. When the favorite brands is handy, customer keeps that in their cart.

Ease of payment: At present time, customers often choose multiple payment options like card swipe, redeeming meal coupons or loyalty points, paying from m-wallet etc. All these payment modes are easily accepted in any shopping arcade.

Product Return: If the customer is not satisfied with purchased products (applicable for most products), there is always an option to return the product within a time frame. Nobody remains to be unhappy for a wrong purchase.


How could Just Billing small retail POS help a small retail to gear up like a super market?

Announce The Offer: Just Billing empower shopkeepers to send running offer details to its existing customer via SMS or email. Also, run customer loyalty campaign to attract more customers and making a strong customer base.

Acknowledge Product Demand: Just Billing provides a ready to view report on your top selling products, which eventually indicates what your customers look for. Rearrange your inventory as per product demand. Replace dead stock with ‘hot’ products.

Multi-payment Mode: If your customer is comfortable paying in different options other than cash, accept it. Just Billing supports all sort of payments and gives you transactional details perfectly.

Return or Refund: Accept product return from your customer after verifying with invoice details. As per your business policy accept the returned product in exchange of another product or simply return the amount.

Once you get your customer base, and sales strength, who knows one day you too would open your super market!

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