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Launch of tax collection platform called SYCOTAX at Burkina Faso

Launch Event of smart city tax collection platform called “SYCOTAX” at Burkina Faso

There is a saying, “Hard work pays off” and Yes It paid off. We are delighted and proud to announce EffiaSoft’s Biggest Accomplishment in 2020. Warmest Congratulations to EffiaSoft’s CityTax team on your well-deserved success.

EffiaSoft’s Smart City Tax Collection Platform called ‘SYCOTAX’ has been launched on October 1, 2020 in Burkina Faso by the President- Roch Marc Christian Kaboré and Prime Minister- Christophe Joseph Marie Dabiré of the country.

This modernization of the collection of taxes and fees of the municipality responds to a need for effectiveness and efficiency. And SYCOTAX is now the tool that will digitize, track and collect taxes in the capital. This tool will make it easier and more efficient to manage the base and collection of taxes and duties in the municipality of Ouagadougou.

In addition to this, the system also makes it possible to dematerialize the payment by the use of electronic payment terminals (TPE), to have an exact situation of the taxation and payment of taxes and duties by taxpayers in real time and finally to reduce, even eliminate the risk of fraud linked to the payment of taxes.