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Advantages of Mobile based decision support system

Mobile based decision support system

How businesses benefit from a real-time analytic on Mobile based decision support system?

The advent of the mobile platform has given rise to a number of possibilities which were not possible a few years ago. Businesses these days tend to be more data driven than depending upon the gut feeling of experienced stalwarts. But the question remains how do we deliver the data needed to take the right decision just at the right moment. Enter the mobile platform, though at its infancy, software vendors are able to deliver the mission critical data to the users at the right moment. As the enterprise market is slowly adopting the mobile platform, the dependency of acting on real-time has become more of a necessity than luxury.

Considering a CRM software vendor, the business users of a CRM software are mostly sales person who are scattered throughout and not necessarily have an access to a desktop to gather the data needed for the next sales pitch. In such a scenario the, mobile platform is the just the correct medium to deliver the data, like the most lucrative opportunities or your sales pipeline dashboard, which will actually help them prioritize and schedule activities based on that data.

The bottom-line remains that every action should be an informed action. Information is critical to making the right decision and information is in the data itself. Giving access to this data on the go would provide companies the closure they were lacking all this years. Its imperative that software vendors provide mission critical data through the mobile platform as this will be a key element of success for them.


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