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Red Herring Asia – EffiaSoft is on top 100 winners

Among all the 3000+ companies participated in Red Herring Asia Top 100 Award, EffiaSoft made it’s name as a winner. The event took place in the month of September 2016 at Manila, Philippines. Companies from various parts of South East Asia participated and got the opportunity to showcase their products. Indian companies dominated the winner list with 33 awards and broke it’s last year’s record of securing 27 trophies.

Innovation is taking it’s own shape with latest cybernetics, and platforms like Red Herring making it prominent in worldwide platform. This two days conference experienced the new wave of revolutionary technologies. This event had many elimination round. A company needs to fulfill various criteria to come in the top 100 list. Not only product idea or innovation, major criteria for a company to get selected also includes proof of concept, target market, patent, financing, trailing revenues and management’s expertise. In recent past, notable Top 100 Asia winners include Alibaba, Baidu, InMobi, Kakao, Rakuten, Snapdeal, Xioami and many more.

EffiaSoft already made it’s name globally with it’s unique Platform for Omni-channel billing, inventory, consumer trends and demand aggregation. This Award would definitely going to add another star in our achievement list and we are encouraged to carry our flagship in future footsteps” said Mr. Koushik Shee, CEO of EffiaSoft.

Reading the need of common people, acknowledging their pain point to run a business and seeing the business reality from it’s origin were the source of innovation for EffiaSoft. Rather than focusing on marketing and establishing brand name, they preferred to put their hard work to resolve the day to day issue faced by MSME. People doesn’t look for software, they demand a solution. To answer this need, EffiaSoft came up with Just Billing, a business solution for Small to Mid-size retail and restaurant segment.

A great business strategy might not always work, breakthrough can come from a simple yet innovative idea. The rearview mirror is showing a more bright future for the second generation entrepreneurs.

2016 Red Herring Asia: winners