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Is your Distribution System Adaptable to Changing times?

distribution system

There is no denying the fact that as a wholesale distributor, you require complete visibility across every channel of your operation. In other words, you should know the exact location of your products- whether in the warehouse, transit or the distribution center. Distributors must pay attention to the costs of ordering, selling, transporting and holding inventory.

Success depends on keeping these factors at the minimum or optimum level. However, as the business environment tends to become more competitive, there is an excellent need for distributors to opt for distribution system.

A good distributor solution should have the necessary features to be adaptable to the rapidly changing business environment. So with these things in mind, let’s take a glance at some of the features which make distributor software versatile to the changing times.

Customer Portal of the Distribution System

To be precise, distributors should have an internet portal for their customers to access. Also, each customer’s portal should be designed to allow for the swift placement of orders. Moreover, the portal should also be able to recommend products based on past purchase history. The customer portal should also provide relevant details related to the transaction and shipping schedule. In other words, this portal would also reduce the cost of selling.

Opportunities for Automation

The ability to automate operational procedures is the most valuable benefit of adopting distribution system. The reduction of manual processes provides you with many advantages, and hence automation is the key feature that would let your business adapt to the changing norms.

Note that the distribution software should also have a database to act as a central hub in storing all the company data. In other words, it can eliminate the manual data entry processes to improve productivity and boost efficiency.

Distribution System should have Effective Order Fulfillment

There is no denying the fact that picking and packing are the two primary functions of fulfillment in any distribution operation. So it goes without saying that the distributor software should have adequate fulfillment functions. In short, your business would be able to function seamlessly without any issues.

Robust Inventory Tracking

For wholesale distributors, it is imperative to possess quality knowledge of inventory. Software solutions for distributors usually have a robust inventory tracking feature that would let you stay relevant in the ever-evolving business environment. The inventory tracking feature should also be able to induce accurate counts and eliminate inaccurate paperwork. And selecting the distributor software with the right features can streamline your resources and supplier relationships.

So as you can see, software for distributors usually comes with advanced features. These features would help your distribution business to thrive even during difficult times.

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