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Launch of EffiaSoft on 07-Nov-2012

Today, EffiaSoft has been launched officially in Hyderabad, India, with the vision to help small and medium business with our EFFicient, Intelligent and Affordable ERP and business management software. They have already inked one major contract for their ERP concept with an large organization from India.

The founding team have been working silently on the backbone technology innovations and the concepts for past three years. Leaded by Koushik Shee, a techie but passionate about business had two other startups previously “KCS Software” and “Mango People”. KCS, providing Retail Management Software was Koushik’s first love and managed single handedly and that too on nigh-job had 300+ global customers. He gains tremendous insight about retail and food & beverages business during this period and wants to solve those problem on bigger scale through EffiaSoft. KCS would be a part of EffiaSoft now.