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Small Business ERP
Cloud ERP for SME


Why Small Business ERP!

Take number of benefits from Small Business ERP on Cloud
Quick implementation to save time and money
Ease of use and faster familiarization
Available in the language of user’s choice
Your business, your rules. Business agility
Integrated BI & custom reporting
Optimize cost and improve cash flow
Run business on the go using Smart Phone
Secure and automatic backup on cloud
Cloud ERP for SME Sales Invoice


Sales is the growth ladder of any commerce, however analyzing and utilizing it in the best direction depends on appropriate management solution. Acknowledge your top selling products, branch or department wise sales, due amount, total revenue and many other reports just by a click on the system. Generate sales quotation, order and invoice with all the required details and analyze the conversion ratio of order and quotation. Verify returned products from customer with invoice & product details and capture a feedback for returning. Customize customer loyalty offers or discount to accumulate more customers. This opportunity of inside-view in business-sales definitely brings you more profit.


When it comes to B2B business, managing suppliers and purchases made from them are difficult yet essential. To keep a good and easy track of it, our purchase management would be the best fit for your need. To begin with purchase order, records of goods received, list of purchase invoices till purchase return – every stage would be captured without much effort. Eventually these ‘one-time-entered’ data generates automatic reports on top purchased items, return summary, top suppliers, purchase dues and 20 other necessary reports. Also, it helps you to maintain the contact details of all your supplier for future reference.

Cloud ERP for SME Purchase Management
Cloud ERP for SME Inventory Management


To match the demand vs supply ratio, inventory management is the fundamental requirement of a product-base business. A complete knowledge of product stocks enable you to arrange your store room perfectly. Each time a bill gets generated, inventory gets decreased as per raw material usage/sale. Transfer goods from one store to another, reduce stock of slow moving items or dead stock, keep the adequate stock of your fast-moving inventory. In case of product-damage, adjust the stock manually with a note of appropriate reason.  All these little effort will lead to less wastage, lesser misuse and minus the chances of pilferage. Wait, didn’t we show you another way for profit?


Spin around your business with our finance module and never miss a single transaction of incoming cash flow or receivables. Acknowledge trial balance, balance sheet or P&L account in a single click. Capture all the expenses that takes place at your business. Ledger defines where you have spent and how much. With error-free data, tax calculation and bank reconciliation becomes much easier in the financial year end. A clear picture of your profit and loss helps you to understand how much to invest in future aspects. Download or share this finance reports with your business partners anytime. Oh yes! ‘Shift-Del’ the cost of keeping an accountant.

Cloud ERP for SME Accounting Management

See why Cloud ERP for SME is a

perfect solution for Small Business!

Cloud ERP small business

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