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Dine-in restaurant pos

Money can buy biriyani, thus money can buy happiness! Equation is that simple for those, for whom way to heart is through stomach. Birthday, Valentine’s day, office party or family gathering – food plays the major part in every occasion. If you are running a dine in restaurant, remember you are not only serving food, you are serving love too. Serving love can be a bitter experience, if food preparation takes longer time. It happens due to less coordination among order taking, preparing or cooking as per order and serving it. Throw this issue away with Just Billing Restaurant POS sling shot. When system captures the food order and passes that to kitchen process and same way when food is prepared and that notifies waiters, serving time gets reduced.
Another major challenge in restaurant business is managing inventory in both the types – prepared food and raw materials. Not always wastage takes place, pilferage and misuse of ingredients are common issue in food business. Eliminate it with Just Billing Restaurant POS. Capture every sale, inventory adjustments, stock transfer, local purchase; so that inventory gets auto-updated. Here we have discussed the 6 common issue faced by any dine in restaurant and possible remedies to this troubles with Just Billing.
restaurant pos
Dine-in restaurant POS
restaurant pos

Hungry People are Angry People

Instead of standing in the Take Away counter, we prefer to have the food then and there when we are extremely hungry. How can you be so rude to those hungry soul making them wait in the table? Generate KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) as soon as they place the order, so that chefs get a nudge what to make!


Let your guest enjoy their biriyani with a sip of free coke! Promote your business with seasonal discount, loyalty campaign, take feedback and maintain your customer database to understand the market trend.

Buddy Knows it All

Any transaction, let it be sales or purchase, your Just Billing buddy records it thoroughly and helps you maintain your journal book error-free without keeping any accountant.

Lite-Bites Flew Away

Day’s ends, if you notice, you will realize all finger-snacks gets finished even if there’s not much sell of it? The answer is simple, solution isn’t! Maintain proper inventory management and reduce pilferage, misuse and wastage to gain more profit.

Hand-Written Bill? Give It to Museum

Groom your business image by sending SMS or email invoice to your customer instead of hand written bill. But if your customer requires printed invoice, a thermal printer comes to rescue.

Take a Chill-Pill

Worried about the interrupted internet connection? Chill, Just Billing works in offline mode too. As soon as the internet comes back, automatically all the data gets synced in the back office.

Download restaurant pos!

Download and follow simple steps to setup Just Billing Restaurant POS.