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Get to know more about Effians - from the inside out.

Life @ EffiaSoft

Monday blues, Friday meeting, and early morning town hall – are you kidding me? This is not what Effians do at office! Our young energy doesn’t allow us to do boring stuff! We follow a three step cycle for making our workplace ‘Tadaaa’…


Taking orders & following it blindly is not our glass of beer! We consider, bringing freedom to work gives equal respect to everyone. When the atmosphere is not bossy, people are more committed and productive to their work. We fall for smart talented people than giving a glance on high school report card. We simply do what we love. Nobody would through a furrowed brow if a developer start making a marketing flyer! With flexible work timing we make sure that every Effians get good sleep & a work-life balance. Our discussion over coffee goes from latest google glass till Game of Thrones! Chit-chats, laughs & healthy fights brings more life to four walls.

life effiasoft - freedom
life effiasoft - learn


Meeting not necessarily needs a conference room, knowledge can be shared by leaning on the next cubicle! Raise question, be loud – but never keep quiet. It’s absolutely okay for not knowing something or to ask for more clarity. From veteran tech junkies to infant novice, everyone has a place to contribute their ideas. When juniors learn how to write a code, seniors picks UI design ideas from them! Taking challenge on coding hackathon is a real time fun for those who are true techies. Building a product, bug fixing, providing customer support to giving a product name – entire cycle engage everyone in the company. Here at EffiaSoft, the perception of piggybacking is replaced with innovation & self-learning.


We hold on to ‘Lets Grow Together’ concept by sharing common goals. Our believe is to build leadership quality rather than simply giving the ‘Manager’ by designation. EffiaSoft – a place where you would be recognized for your work & attitude. Dedication & initiative never go unnoticed. For every achievement & mile stone, we make sure to celebrate as an entire team. Everyone present here are an engine by themselves, not just a small negligible part of big wheel. We have already came across the germination phase and holding each other’s hands to grow as a giant tree. That future is not far.

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