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What is Just Billing Professional!

Having multiple outlets is like owning multiple castles. Ignoring a single one would defeat your glory. To enjoy your triumph, you need to make sure your empire has the best army. To support any kind of multi-chain business, Just-Billing came up with it’s Professional version.

Just Billing Professional Retail and Restaurant Management System is a perfect match for multi-location store or franchise business.

Quick & Easy Billing
Complete a billing accurately in a fraction of second with Just Billing. It also comes with modern billing features such as hold, recall even on your smartphone.
Print, Email or SMS Invoice
SMS, WhatsApp, email or print invoice/quotation for your customers. Select a template from our pre-configured professional looking invoice formats.
Customer & loyalty
Know your regular customers, offer them special deals and loyalty programs to increase revenue and customer footfall.
Ease out Return/Refund
Just Billing helps you to verify the product before proceeding to refund or return option. Know the reason for returning the product and capture it as customer feedback.
Always updated inventory
Maintain the harmony of stock and sold products with a proper inventory management. Reduce the bad debts like wastage, overstocking, pilferage or misuse.
Expense Management
Maintaining a record of all business expenses would help you to evaluate where to spend, where not to. Reducing cost is another way to increase profit.
Payment tracking
Let it be cash, card, coupon, digital wallet or a combination of these, accept all sort of payment from your customer to ease out the payment option.
Reports & Growth Curve
Get the accurate report on your daily expenses, top selling products and many more. Acknowledge your profit and loss to figure out a way for more gain.

Why Just Billing Professional!

As a business everyone’s focus is on growth. But a good technology solution enables and expedite your growth faster. Enjoy the advantages of working on a modern end-to-end retail and restaurant management system, with the easy to manage any number of locations on real-time.

Real time visibility of stores from Head Office
Head office can view consolidated sales, customers, inventory, payment and expense information for any location with our innovative real-time data synchronization mechanism, as if it is a local store. No need of day-end process or manual upload, download or reconciliation.
Centralized master data management
Save time and bring consistency by eliminating stores efforts from creating masters such as menu, recipe, pricing, discount and offers. All can be controlled and managed from the head office and would be reflected across the stores automatically on real-time. You can set different product catalog or pricing for different region/stores as well.
Track stock movement
Move stock between stores or your warehouse with stock transfers, and quickly perform inventory lookups across all your sales channels. Transfers centrally or at store level in real time. Automatically generate purchase orders and transfer orders based on inventory levels.
Run offers and promotions based on data
Analyze consolidated customer information to get more insight about your customers’ buying pattern, preferences etc. This will help you to tailor offer and promotions for across the stores or region wise to increase customer footfall and revenue.
Automatic online and offline mode
Operate in offline mode automatically when you lose Internet connection. Each store runs independently even if the internet is down. Automatic data streaming would start again in the back ground as soon as the internet connection is restored.
High scalability
Whether you have a single location or hundreds, Just billing is extremely scalable. You do not need to invest on head office server, hardware or infrastructure. This not only just save your cost or capital investment, but also the effort, resources and expertise to configure and manage any number of stores. System allows you to add a new store just by installing our POS and seamlessly connecting to your head office on cloud.
Highly secure
Your data is fully secure. Our data centers are from the world’s top cloud service providers like IBM and Amazon, which meet all the international standards, compliances and governance such as PCI, ISO, SOC. Moreover, all communication with cloud head office are encrypted and fully secure with HTTP protocol (https).
Backup and maintenance
All store level data are automatically backed up on cloud head office and head office data are backed up automatically every day on our secondary server with encrypted format. You would be always on the latest version of the software as the store software would be automatically upgraded to the latest version.

How it Works!


Use Just Billing Professional app at your store(s) to manage sales, inventory and expenses at the store level





Data automatically synchronize with


Use Just Billing Professional Head Office for consolidated information from store(s) and back office management. This cloud based web application can be accessed from anywhere gives you real-time visibility about the store(s).

See why Just Billing is a perfect billing and inventory management solution for multi-location Retail and Restaurant!

Try Now!

Follow the simple three steps process to setup Just Billing Professional for your retail or restaurant business without any obligation.

Download & Install
Download Just Billing Professional Android App or Windows App. Follow the onscreen instructions to install and configure your trial environment.
Select a Business Template
Select a business template from our demo gallery to create a store and head office with demo data or create an empty instance to start with your own data.
Congratulations! Your trial is ready
Your trial store is now ready with Just Billing App and the head office web application for your business type. You will receive an email with all the login credentials for the store and the head office application.