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What is Just Billing Lite!

Just Billing Lite is a simple, yet comprehensive billing app that automates your business. This intuitive business app does not require you to have any technical knowledge. Just Billing makes inventory, payment, expenses and customer management easy, alongside billing. And this app also runs on smartphones and tablets, thereby making your business mobile and look more smart and tech-savvy.

Just Billing Lite app is a perfect match for small retail and restaurant businesses.

Quick & Easy Billing
Complete a billing accurately in a fraction of second with Just Billing. It also comes with modern billing features such as hold, recall even on your smartphone.
Print, Email or SMS Invoice
SMS, WhatsApp, email or print invoice/quotation for your customers. Select a template from our pre-configured professional looking invoice formats.
Customer & loyalty
Know your regular customers, offer them special deals and loyalty programs to increase revenue and customer footfall.
Ease out Return/Refund
Just Billing helps you to verify the product before proceeding to refund or return option. Know the reason for returning the product and capture it as customer feedback.
Always updated inventory
Maintain the harmony of stock and sold products with a proper inventory management. Reduce the bad debts like wastage, overstocking, pilferage or misuse.
Expense Management
Maintaining a record of all business expenses would help you to evaluate where to spend, where not to. Reducing cost is another way to increase profit.
Payment tracking
Let it be cash, card, coupon, digital wallet or a combination of these, accept all sort of payment from your customer to ease out the payment option.
Reports & Growth Curve
Get the accurate report on your daily expenses, top selling products and many more. Acknowledge your profit and loss to figure out a way for more gain.

See why Just Billing is a perfect billing app for Retail and Restaurant!

Why Just Billing Lite!

Enjoy the advantages of working on a modern retail & restaurant management software that makes billing, sales, inventory, expense, reporting and everything else in relation to your business easier.

Increase profit
Increase revenue and optimize cost by strategic reports anywhere anytime.
Save time
Manage queue with faster billing, auto-inventory update, no manual effort required.
Enhanced business image
Groom your business with latest technology, use it on your smartphone and send FREE SMS invoice.
Get more organized
Tap to bill, auto-update the sales and inventory, and stay organized.
Get more customers
Offer customer loyalty and discounts to increase the customer base.
Prevent misuse
Auto-tracking and updating all sales and inventory prevent misuse of materials and theft.
Business with accuracy
Embrace the automated billing process and say goodbye to human errors.
Reconciliation on fingertip
Tally your sales with cash and bank statements or physical inventory to find the glitches.

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Try Now!

Follow the simple three steps process to setup Just Billing Lite for your retail or restaurant without any obligation.

Download & Install
Download Just Billing Pro Android App or Windows App. Follow the onscreen instructions to install and configure your trial environment.
Select a Business Template
Select a business template from our demo gallery to create your store with demo data or create an empty setup to start with your own data.
Congratulations! Your store is ready
Your store is now ready with Just Billing App to start billing. You will receive an email with the setup details & quick guide for your reference.