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A smart Point of Sale billing software is the key to grow faster

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Grocery and supermarket businesses are facing a lot of challenges which are killing the profits. Huge inventory, no proper knowledge about accurate finance, tax information, lack of managing cashflows, unnecessary labor costs, manual or old billing methods etc are some of the important problems. All these can solve very easily with technology implementing, but people are scared to use it. Days are changing and technology also becoming very easy. You don’t need to have in-depth knowledge of technology as it became very easy as how we use our phone.


Just Billing retail software is user-friendly and can use by any person who is having little knowledge about using a phone. From billing to tax filing everything can be done by just a few clicks. It will do what a retail owner wants like billing, inventory management, managing cashflows, reports on finance, tax, noting details of suppliers and customers, offers and discounts etc.

GST billing

GST Billing is one of the key features for any supermarket stores. Just billing retail billing software can calculate tax on a product level and on the total bill according to the country/state tax regulation.

Multiple pricing for the same product

Different pricing strategy always gains an advantage over competitors to attract customers to buy. A successful business always gives special pricing on festivals, to loyal customers, special days which will boost the business.

Barcode scanning

No customers want to stay in the queue for a long time, it makes them feel irritating. Barcode scanning will make the billing quick and reduces queues.

Inventory management

Inventory management is one of the most time taking process in supermarket business and also theft, damage, lost etc are common challenges facing issues. Just billing software can keep track of all the products and maintaining inventory will become very quick.

grocery pos

Multi-store management

Now managing your multi stores business become easy ever with our billing software. You don’t need to visit every store to physically to check business operations. All the stores can connect to the head office cloud portal and can manage from there.

Cloud operations

Now manage your business from anywhere at anytime 24*7 not just in office hours. You can check any information regarding business or stores from the cloud back office.

CRM – B2B, B2C

Customer relationship management is one of the important things for business growth. Our software allows you to take customer feedback and suggestions which help to business to be more customer friendly. In software you can create loyalty programs and special discounts to regular customers, these are some best ways to retain customers.

Online – Offline

Now no need to worry about your internet connection. Justbilling software works online and offline too. All the data which are created in offline will auto sync to cloud back-office once the internet gets connected. This makes your billing process hassle-free.

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