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A smart Point of Sale billing software is the key to grow faster

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The definition of grocery store can be ‘whole world in a tiny place’. These days grocery store doesn’t only mean containing stock of only grocery materials. From Rice, pulses to Shaving cream and shampoo, milk packets to cleaning materials everything that a family needs can be products of grocery store. Daily requirements are not only limited to staple diet, your customers can also look for salad dressing sauces, greek yogurt or imported cheese. Modern households are very particular about brand, if they look for multi-grain bread of a particular company, you can’t convince them to take the other available brand. Refusing your customer’s need will not bring them back to your store again. Within a limited space, the main challenge is what to keep and how much quantity of product stock would be required for daily operations.


This can be calculated if you notice your monthly sales report. Keep the most of your top selling products, make sure the availability of customer’s best-loved brand, and reduce or remove the dead stock. Rearranging the store room would bring charm to your business. Wondering how to calculate sales trend and product demand? Keep a blind faith on Just Billing Grocery POS – a business buddy that you need to solve your business requirement of grocery store.
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Every Customer Matters

Do you know how many customers you already lost just because they dislike the crowded queue? Make faster-billing to manage queue efficiently and never lose a single customer going forward.

Discount Gets Echoed

When you give discounts, your customers becomes your brand ambassador and pass the news to their friends, family and colleagues. More customer = more profit is an easy equation.

Mushroom Will Suffer

Milk packets, veggies, or fruits – all these are highly perishable products and a not-so-good store keeping would lead to wastage of all the materials. Know your inventory in-n-out with Just Billing Grocery POS.

A Single Coin Makes the Noise

Let it be monthly rent or drinking water, capture all the expense in the system to know where you are spending more. Also, at the same time, the expenses would reflect in your account book.

Organic Revolution

Organic products are new trends in grocery stores. Why can’t you too go organic with SMS or Email billing? But if your business requires a printed invoice, just get a thermal printer.

Milky Mist

50+ auto-generated report would give you the 3D view of your business from your mobile or laptop. Based on this reports, you can take decision for future growth.

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