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fish market pos software

The smell from the kitchen used to fill our heart with joy – it’s Sunday, time to have non-veg meal for lunch. Now, memories like that are only nostalgic and having non-veg is no more delicacy. Except for religious specific days, we never stop our craving for non-veg. Either we cook it at home or we get it from restaurants, consumption of non-veg is increasing day by day.


If you are earning your breads from fish, poultry and meat trading, you know how demands and challenges are increasing day by day. If your meat is sold out completely and unable to sell it to next customer, he would be offended. All your products are highly perishable and for immediate consumption, so if sale is less, wastage would take place, and that’s an indirect cost to your business. Best way to avoid wastage and to get optimum sale is to plan your raw material purchase based on sales flow.


If you supply your fish and meats to near by restaurants, they will always want a constant price, discounted rates and definitely they pay at a time. Are you keeping a track of all your payments from regular or mass-purchase customers? Is your notebook capable of recording due payments? Here we bring 6 real-life issues faced by fish, poultry & meat shop owners and potential solutions for it.
fish market pos software

Hurry up!

When it comes to live stocks, customers are always in hurry to return home before it spoils. Make faster-billing that helps you to manage the queue at counter easily.

Fresh from the Farm

Customers always prefer the fresh fish or meat. Keep a note of of daily sales and from sales report, determine how much stock you should keep.

Account Book Smells Fishy

In any business the calculation of profit and loss would be crystal clear. Remove human intervention for accounting and generate an error-free report that reconcile with bank statement.

Thanks Giving Turkey

Let it be thanks-giving day or Easter celebration, give seasonal discount when your competitors have increased the unit price. This offers and discount would fetch more customers to you.

Acknowledge Taste-Buds

Know the likes & dislikes of your customers and capture it as a feedback for future reference.

Golden Eggs

Just Billing fish market pos software is like the golden egg you read in fairy tale. One-time small investment on business would give you the satisfied growth, might be more than you ever expected.

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