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Point of Sale Software

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Digitalize your digital store using electronic point of sale software

electronic point of sale

20 years back, mother taught her son how to hold the pencil, now son held her finger on touch screen. Technology has come across a long way in last 2 decades. Demand has been changed with time. Radio, still camera has been replaced with smart phones, huge size computers are replaced with notepad and laptops. It’s not only the development of technology but also the interest level of common people on technology has been increased, sale is just a result. People doesn’t want to compromise with a less featured phone. The EMI option on expensive gadgets has made it possible for middle class people to choose what they want. Updated gadgets are not always our need, but it became our lifestyle. Education became digital, laptop became a part of student’s life.


Electronics sale is no more season specific business, now sale takes place year around. Cell phones, digital watches, gaming consoles, music players or even pen drives are new generations’ type of ‘gifts’ in any occasion. Newly married couples doesn’t wait for Diwali to get a new fridge, washing machine or LED TV, they take it as soon as they need it. Question is, being an owner of electronics shop, are you able to make profit out of this technology boom? You need a goos electronic point of sale software.
electronic point of sale

4G DNA doesn’t support 2G queue

Modern life runs on a fast-forwarded mode where nobody likes to waste their time standing in queue. Make faster billing to manage your counter efficiently. If you think about faster-billing, it’s always Just-Billing. 

Easy Tracking

Dealing with electronics goods evolves around safety. Let it be IMEI no or manufacturer serial number, capture all the details of a product to keep a track of a device. While selling, capture customer’s details for a better tracking for future reference.

Stabilize Your Account Book

Enter all the expenses that takes place in your outlet. Thus, it reflects the debit and credit amount and easily settle your ledger balance.

Customer Circuit

Your customers promotes your business if you give them discounts and offers.  The WOM effect (Words Of Mouth) is more successful than any advertisement campaign.

Router Is Not a Trust-Worthy Friend

Your internet might go down due to several reason, but your business shouldn’t! Just Billing electronics point of sale brings the solution which runs without internet too. And updates all the data as soon as internet is back.

Recharge Your Style

To justify the category of your business you should definitely go for a digital business solution. Download Just-Billing in your android mobile or tablet or if you already have desktop, windows version would be the right fit for you.

Download electronic point of sale!

Download and follow simple steps to setup Just Billing electronic point of sale software.