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The amazing story of a book store is anyone can be your customer – crucial part is reading their psychology. An old man might buy children classic stories to recall his memories, a school genius might read about latest programming codes, where a working professional may purchase a book on culinary arts. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, neither you can judge who is going to buy what! Store place is limited, so does the capacity of shelves. Arrange it, as per demand. Keep newly launched and all time classics; and if someone looks for a rare version take an order with customer’s contact details, deliver it or nudge him when it’s at your store.


Maintaining a hand written logbook for all your products record or keeping details in spreadsheet isn’t helpful if you take advance payment from your customers for an order, or if they wants to exchange it. Only a smart POS can keep a track of it.


Do you know what all the things your customers are looking for except books? It can be a free gift wrap, a handmade paper carry bag or simply they want some discounts. Take their feedback and work on it. Run loyalty scheme for the regular customers and make them happy even if they buy heart breaking love stories.
bookstore pos

Paulo Coelho? All sold

Knowing the top selling books would be the best way to grow your business. But calculating time to time is difficult, time consuming and requires a lot of manual effort. Get your sales report anytime, anywhere using Bookstore POS Software. 

Discounted Trilogies

Discount or offer at a book store always attracts book-worms. To make a stronger customer base, capture customer’s contact details and send promotional offers to achieve more sales using Bookstore POS.

Sherlock Holmes for Your Store

Keeping an eye on store room is difficult. There are various books and you need to be top of your inventory. A book not get sold at the right time, might not get sold ever. An automatic store-update would be perfect for a book store.

Wise Like an Owl

Let it be new stocks, rent or pantry items – capture all the expenses in your system. A balance sheet would be created to ease out your accounting and bank reconciliation would be much easier in the year end.

Harry Potter’s Magic

Magic exist in real life too! Run Just Billing Bookstore POS without an error even if there is internet issues. Your data gets updated in the back office, as soon as the internet comes back. 

Write Your Own Story

Always wondered about the cost of a billing software? Relax! Just-Billing is an affordable solution for ultimate growth. Install it and write your own success story.

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