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Take away Restaurant POS Systems

The concept of take away came in mid 20th century. There are three primary reasons why people visit takeaways – (a) They don’t want to spend time in a restaurant (b) They want the cozy comfortable home sofa while enjoying the food or (c) They don’t want to spend much on a restaurant. If you analyze these three factors, you would be able to understand how and where you can implement your strategy for better sell.


If your customers have a mentality of not spending much time, your production has to be faster than what it is now. Preparing the food in advance is subject to risk if you don’t know your daily sales trend. Few take away outlets like ‘curry points’ have a centralized kitchen from where food is supplied to various outlets. In this case, acknowledging branch or outlet-wise sale will help to determine where to invest more.


If service time is quick and tasty food is available at reasonable price, customers will give regular visit. To turn their ‘regular’ visit into ‘daily’ visit only two things are required – take their feedback and work on it and run some loyalty program. Here are 6 real life scenarios of take away joints and take a look how Just Billing Restaurant pos systems solves it all.
restaurant pos systems
Take away restaurant pos systems
restaurant pos systems

Don’t Go Away from Take Away

Irrespective of food-taste, if the outlet is crowed, people move to the next one. Manage your customer skillfully with Just Billing. It gives you the opportunity for faster billing, KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) generation, and helps you to make every process quicker.

Oh No! You Missed It

Your regular customer didn’t had change and you let him go without paying the entire amount. And sometimes you don’t even remember who has to pay how much. Capture every payment details with Just Billing. Just Billing is designed to accept all types of cards, coupons along with cash.

Multiple Outlets? That’s awesome!

If you own multiple outlets and confused how to manage, welcome to the world of Just Billing. This simple solution gives you the image of all our business details sitting at home.

Chicken or Paneer, Who’s the Best?

Check your most selling items from 50+ reports and lead the supply vs demand ratio in the right direction. Play with the market demand and make profit faster.

Do You Have Cold Storage Business?

Your store room indicates that you run a cold storage too. Make your raw material inventory up-to-date with Just Billing. It requires zero manual efforts and gives you perfect control over your stocks. At the same time it helps to minimize the chance of misuse or pilferage.

Are You Kidding Me?

The above question people will ask you if you tell them the truth! And the honest confession from Just Billing is, it can work with or without internet.

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