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Does ERP Software have a Place in Small Business?

Concept of Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) started for big companies. But in last few years, industry has got a drastic change. Entrepreneurship has been redefined, many inspiring start ups, manufacturing companies and small business are booming. In today’s competitive world, a small business has to stand out in the crowd to make it’s identity and global reach. Besides being innovative, it has to be smart and efficient to grow up in the industry ladder. No business is ‘too small’ to adopt a systematic approach through ERP solution to frame line all their work flow.

What is ERP Software?

Enterprise Resource Planning Software is designed to capture all the business aspects in one place and can be accessed from anywhere. Production, sales, finance – all these departments get synced through ERP. Starting from raw material usage, yield productivity, monitoring finance, daily sales, future business plans and managing B2B or B2C becomes smoother, hassle free and convenient.

Why does a small business need ERP?

  • Disorganized Data – Most of the small business starts maintaining their data in spreadsheet, which gets messed up in few weeks as soon as the work pressure increases. As in when need arise, required data is not available. Also, noone can ignore the chances of confidential data going into wrong hand. An ERP would provide data security and at the same time, everything is organized, available in finger tips.
  • Expense Tracking – Maintaining a business takes a lot of expense on daily basis, but many a times the transaction is not getting captured. Let it be drinking water or electricity bill every single expense can be captured by ERP and finance monitoring becomes much easy.
  • Coordination Gap – In any SMEs if coordination among departments are not stable, business might be in trouble. If production vs sales and market demand can’t match, business face loss. Capture all the sales and get a quick glance view of reports through ERP, before it’s too late.
  • Customer Bond – A happy customers brings more business to you where an unhappy one would never come back. Capture customer’s details and make a better bond for with your B2B or B2C customers.
  • Multiple Branches – Without an automated solution, it’s not possible to manage multiple outlets or different SBUs. Only an ERP can map all the business from all aspects.

Why Effia ERP?

  • 360° view – Mapping production, product demand, sales, customers and other components gives a 3D picture of business status. Stock transfer, consumption rate, expenses everything is tracked and accounting becomes much easier. So, no finance is required to build a ‘finance’ department.
  • Real Time Visibility – Business details are available anywhere anytime with real time updates. Specially in case of multiple outlets or production houses, decision makers can observe business flow from their home itself.
  • Productivity – When a business process becomes systematic, time doesn’t get consumed for petty things. Employees becomes well aware of their responsibilities and productivity automatically gets boosted. Based on customers demand, production can be channelized.

If you realize the necessity of ERP for your business, yet wondering about the cost, relax! EffiaERP is very much affordable. Let us know your business requirement, we promise to take care of it.


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