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How can CRM untangle the mess at business?

Why do I need a CRM application? What are the issues a CRM application will address and how will it benefit my business? These are the most common queries in the minds of businesses considering the proposal of implementing a CRM application for their business. This article aims at answering some of the queries from the business point of view.

What are the various issues faced by businesses in the absence of a CRM application?

  • Businesses lack a centralized database for customer information without CRM. With multiple databases even a small work, like changing the address for a customer or looking for a contact, demand tremendous effort.
  • Minus a CRM application, it becomes tedious to keep track of customer feedback and activities occurring at various levels of the organization. This leads to incoherence in understanding customer demand and thus may a cause a loss in revenue.
  • Without a clear picture of jobs to be dealt on priority, work flows get affected resulting in missed deadlines.
  • The duel with too much paper is unmistakable in any organization without a CRM application.
  • Failure to stay upbeat with the last moment changes in business can lead to missed opportunities.

How does a CRM application help to abate these problems?

  • CRM lets you update all your systems simultaneously by updating a centralized database. Thus even a small change made by any of the users is reflected in all other systems.
  • Improved communication methods like Activity managers in CRM applications, act as a notice board which can be updated as and when required, with the intended users being notified at the same time.
  • With CRM systems, businesses can manage and schedule project related tasks effectively, armed with a round-about view of customer and staff deadlines.
  • Internal and external documentation can be handled with ease using CRM. Integrated mail clients and ability to attach scanned documents reduces paper usage.
  • Powered with Business Intelligence and analytics, businesses can make accurate decisions in the spur of the moment, identify leads and close deals faster.

So here’s why you should adopt a CRM application. It does all the work you are doing right now but in a more systematic and precise manner and in much less time too.


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