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If you are owning a food business, or planning for one, have a look to resolve the day to day issue to increase your customer footfall and satisfaction while optimizing cost. Try our Restaurant Software today!

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish  – Process orders faster

Don’t let those hungry faces turning their heads at you from their table. Generate KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) so that chefs get instant notification on what to make and with the special request from the customer.

People Love That ‘Extra’ Care – Give discounts, make customer base

Let it be free wifi or free coke, people appreciate the love disguised as discounts or offer. Give promotional discount to your customer, give special offer to your regular guests and run loyalty campaign to maintain customer base without an effort.

Eat Like Never Before – Value Your Customer’s Feedback

That old lady wanted to had chocolate brownie, but his son stopped her since it contains sugar and not good for her health. A sugar-free brownie could have created a toothless-smile from that old madame. Take customer feedback and customize your menu accordingly.

Who Moved My Cheese – Reduce inventory cost

Maintaining stock-update and material usage in a journal is time consuming, requires manpower and days end gives you a messed up result. Eventually this negligence in inventory management leads to bad debts. Using auto-inventory makes it more convenient and gives you update on real-time basis to prevent wastage, pilferage or misuse of raw materials.

Reports! Na’h I Won’t Make It – Read to use reports at finger-tip

Do you want in-depth data on how many customers you are serving every day? What is the average time you are taking to serve a customer? How much raw materials needs to be ordered for next day or next week? Our restaurant POS fetches reports that answer these questions instantly.

Teleport Yourself Like a Superhero – Handle multiple restaurant

If you are looking for growth and planning to open a new restaurant in future, we are here support you always. We understand the difficulty to manage multiple restaurants by a single owner. Hence we have tailor made the solution to support you at every stage of your business. Your growth is our success.

Why Just Billing for your Restaurant!

Modern Billing

Modern Billing

Our billing system lets your staff take orders and produces bills using any device like mobile, tablet, desktop computer or large screen POS devices. Thus, providing you the flexibility to reuse your existing hardware or start with low investment on hardware using smart phone or tablet. Our POS does not have software or hardware dependency and can be easily installed on any computing devices.

Loyalty and Offer to Boost Sales

Running multiple offers and loyalty at the same time? Our POS lets you embed all the loyalty, promotion, coupons, discounts and other offers from the head office directly. Once added, offers will be automatically applied to the bills as applicable. Customer mobile number will become the loyalty number and no need of plastic/magnetic loyalty card. Know your regular customers, offer them special deals and loyalty programs to retain more customers.

Loyalty and Offer Integration
Kitchen Display System

Kitchen Display System

On ordering, the kitchen order tickets (KOT) pop up on Kitchen Display System. The digital KOT based system eliminates all the issues with printer based KOT system, and eliminates the risk of missing any order at the Kitchen. On completing the order the chef can just swipe the KOT from the display to mark the order is complete.

Manage Recipe & Inventory

Just Billing makes it easy to define, plan, procure, cook, and organize ingredients and recipes for all your menu catelog. This will enable a restaurant owner to keep a close track of inventory based on sales and kitchen production automatically. Use automated reordering based on specified stock levels, and adjust reorder points and restock levels to make sure you never have too much or too little stock on your shelves.

Supply Chain & Inventory
Restaurant Wastage & Theft Control

Wastage & Theft Control

Wastage is a common issue for any QSR, as this depends on the inventory planning based on the sales vs demand. Our POS software automatically forecast the demand based on the past history. Hence, allow you to better planning for production and raw materials, to reduce wastage. System also automatically track and audit any activities at the stores including any exception at sales counter.

Reporting to drive your business

Do you want in-depth data on how many customers you are serving every day? What are the top selling products during a season and what are not? How much production for each items need to be done for tomorrow? Our Restaurant Billing Software fetches reports that answer these questions instantly.

Reporting to drive your business

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Are You Running Multiple Restaurants?

Check out our specialized application for managing your multi store Restaurants to gain real time visibility across the stores.